Friday, December 28, 2007

Running down a dream...

This week, I was up 0.2 pounds. Oh no, oh my, whatever has become of me! Right -- pretty much anything within a half-pound is maintenance to me. So I am happy. If I figured it up right, since Thanksgiving, I've lost about 6 pounds. That is not bad at all!!!!


For years, I've had a recurring .... can't really call it a dream, because I'm not actually asleep yet when it happens. It's usually one of those last things that flash through my mind as I'm falling asleep. It's me, running (for my health, not running for my life).

Me? Run? Right. As Daffy says, "Ha. Ha. It is to laugh." But there I am in the dream, running -- happy and enjoying it, and usually there's music there to push me along. Most of the time, it's "Running on Empty." Guess that part of Forrest Gump took hold in my brain. The odd part is that I'm running in slo-mo, not at all synchronized with how fast I'd actually have to run to keep in tempo with the song ..... almost like I'm running on a trampoline.

Anyway, as things are progressing on my journey, I can begin to see myself .... not running, but maybe adding a little jogging to things. Couldn't hurt Maddox either to step up the tempo on occasion.

I'm mulling it over. Seriously.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy scale!!

I stepped on the scale tonight. Honestly, I was just hoping for something within a pound -- gain, loss, pure maintain, I didn't care.

After all, I'd had a piece of completely TDF Tres Leches cake at my boss' graduation party. It's a great treat, and it all depends on which recipe you use -- 5 eggs or maybe 9. Eagle Brand or just regular ol' Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut. The one recipe I saw which even offered a calorie count came out to EIGHTEEN points a piece. God almighty. But it was divine, and it was a very rare treat.

And today was our catered Christmas luncheon from a nearby bakery/catering place. They are fantastic. Oh holy Moses -- ham, Greek chicken, corn, green beans, macaroni & cheese, scalloped red potatoes, fruit bowl (cut melon, apples, grapes) .... and their famous cakes.

The receptionist tonight said, "Well, you went up a little....." and gave me my figure. Not great, but I could live with it. Then I sat down and looked at my figures ..... uh, a gain? A gain? Not quite. I was MINUS that amount. I took it back to her and she looked at it and said, "Wait, step up again...." I did and she said, "I swear to you, it said PLUS that amount, but the sticker's right!"

Yep. Another 1.8 pounds gone. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Down, down, down....

Last night's weigh-in was a loss of 0.4 pounds. I will take every stick of butter or so that I can, so I will not complain, fuss, moan, groan, or otherwise think negatively. It is a loss!

My only problem right now is a kind of boredom with what I'm eating. I've done a little more brown-bagging these last few days because I'm just so tired of what's before me. It's funny -- for years when I worked in a little town with so few options (and so few healthy ones at that), I used to think how nice it would be to work where there were so many places to pick and choose from! Oh my, wouldn't that be bliss????

And with an unbelievable plethora of restaurants around me, I am bored. Granted, I stick to a small number of them and generally get the same things .... Subway, Wendy's, Chick-Fil-A, Bojangles, Sprouts, occasionally Quizno's, but everything else is just trouble. I don't know points totals, and I'm usually not that interested in trying to figure them out when I have KNOWN points values elsewhere. Makes sense, right?

So it's gotten easier to just bring a frozen thing from home. Maybe run out and get a salad to go with it. But that's about it........ And I need more options, without bringing home another cookbook I won't use.

I just need to make the time to plan better. I need to do this and soon.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Okay -- I am not sure where things went crazy, but we seem to be back on track. I lost 6.8 this week -- so now it seems that everything is rolling again, and good to go. It puts me back over the 150-lost mark (152.2 to be exact). AND I reached my holiday weight loss goal a little early! But this is no time for either slacking or for self-congratulation. The way things are going, next week's weigh-in could show at 5 pound gain. I'm doing everything I possibly can to avoid that scenario.

Lyn, one of my fellow meeting members, and I are challenging each other to do some weightlifting. I failed miserably this week, mostly because I couldn't find my stupid dumbbells! So find them quickly I must -- because I need to get back to toning. I've noticed the flab creeping back on, especially since giving up the gym membership. I need to find a way to stop that.

Anyhow, I'm proud of myself for this loss ... cautiously optimistic about the future ... and working hard to keep things going.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not to sound like "The Facts of Life"...

but you really do "take the good, you take the bad."

The bad: apparently either last week's scales were REALLY messed up, or I had one hellaciously horrible week. I'm leaning to the scales, because there's no damn way I had that bad of a week. I stayed within points -- even with a birthday party. Turns out that according to tonight's weigh-in, I gained back most of what I lost last week. That has never happened before, and I'm not sure how it happened now. Whatever -- this is a new week, a new start, and I will lose it (and more) soon. I am truly determined to make it happen; this is only a minor development.

The good: Debbie (my leader) had gone to a regional leaders meeting, and gotten an award for having a member reach the 100-pound mark within the year. She gave it to me! So woo-hoo!!!!! I have a cool new necklace, to commemorate one of the goals I have made.

This week's challenge is to set a goal for the holidays -- whether to lose, maintain, lose inches, fit into a specific outfit. There are five weeks to go to the first January weigh-in. Five pounds in five weeks. That will get me over the 150 hump (again). I'm going to get back to some light weightlifting and get back on track walking Maddox. Even with all the stress at work, etc. this is NOT going to hold me down!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ho. Lee. Mo. Lee.

Since my WW branch was (obviously) closed on Thursday, I went to this morning's 8:30 AM meeting and weigh-in.

I stepped on the scale and the receptionist said, "Girl, I don't know what you're doing but you're doing it right -- you lost 4.2 pounds this week!" Then she said, "Ohhhhh! That puts you at 149 even. We can't have that -- take the sweater off and your glasses."

Another pound there (for a total of 5.2 pounds). That means: I have lost 150 even as of this morning. Now granted ... that was on a totally empty stomach, first thing in the morning (when I usually weigh in at 6:30 PM with a small snack a couple of hours before that). BUT I'LL TAKE IT!

What was really nice was it wasn't my regular meeting or leader, but Dave (that meeting's leader) could not have been prouder. He had me come up to get my 150-pound prize, and the entire meeting gave me a standing ovation. I started crying ... first time I did that when getting a reward. He is calling my leader to let her know, and they are going to put together something else for me (they sort of pieced together a prize this time).

I still have a good long way to go. And just over a year to do it. But I'm on the way!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It happened yet again....

Another good-chunk loss, followed by a slight gain. It was only 0.4 pounds so I'm not worried at all. And yes, I should have gone to the potty before I stepped on the scale, but I didn't think about it at the time. Oh well, the best I might have done is 0.4 the other direction. Not bad, but I'm not going to sweat a whole half-pound.

It just makes hitting 150 by year end a little more interesting and challenging. And I'm going to do it. I am dead determined that I am going to do it. If it means I have to walk Maddox in a 40 mph wind at 9:00 PM, I'm going to (except for Thursdays, WW night). I am going to make it work.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feelin' good!

Last night, there was a going-away party for my boss. A lot of my coworkers were there, as was the boss' wife (who is young, very pretty, and thin as can be). She was RAVING about my weight loss, and so were all my coworkers.

Now these are the people who see me day in and day out. They have watched the changes I've made, and have been so incredibly supportive that it's just unbelievable. And they were showing me off to their spouses and S/O's and usually like this: "Come here, come here. Okay, now tell (Name) just how much weight you've lost. Doesn't she look amazing? She is one of the most determined people I know."

And they're right.

It has taken a lot of determination, stamina, and willpower. I went into this process realizing quick fixes were never going to fix the problem. I needed a long-term solution, not an overnight miracle. People asked, "Is it hard?" And I usually reply that it's not easy but it is worthwhile.

I confess -- there are days I would love to go face-first into a deep-dish, fully-loaded, 1000-calorie-a-slice pizza. But it's just not worth it. For those same 1000 calories, I could have a true FEAST that I could never finish in one sitting. So a lot of this process is making those difficult decisions.

All the compliments make the decisions easier. All the times I step on the scale at WW and see a loss makes it worth it. Whenever I have to buy new clothes because the old ones are falling off me, you bet it's worth all those tough decisions.

I'm feeling really good right now ..... and THAT is worth everything.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back on track (and happy!)

I have lost another 2.8 pounds -- my total is now 145.4 gone! Back under 100 to go, and only 4.6 to go to hit 150 pounds!!!!!

I didn't do anything differently. Actually, I didn't even get to walk much this week. That's gotta change. I miss the walks, and I know Maddox needs them. So no matter what, I just HAVE to make the time.

Onward and downward!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh well.....

Through 3 birthday celebrations and one high school reunion, and a complete lack of time in which to walk my dog, I managed to gain back one pound even. Oh well, crap happens. We're back on track this week, and will see it on the scale (and in the clothes, and in how good I'm going to feel!)

Speaking of crap -- if you're watching points, stay away from On The Border's Tortilla Soup. The bowl (not all that big and not that deep) is 8 points. YIKES!!! I wanted something different from the usual Border Smart chicken dish I usually get, and I thought I couldn't go that badly with Tortilla Soup and a House Salad. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! It was twice the points of the chicken. Unflippinbelievable.

For a much lighter version, check out Salsarita's tortilla soup -- only 2 points per cup and tastier, too. You can get one or two tacos with it at only 3 points each (with chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion and even a few olives). Skip the chips with the soup, but it is very filling for just one taco and soup. YUM-MO!

Another not-so-recommended: Nabisco's Garden Harvest crisps. I got some samples in the mail (Vegetable Medley, Apple Cinnamon). They are only 2 points per serving, compared to the Flat Earth crisps at 3 points per ..... but tastewise, it's no contest. The Nabisco ones were more like flavored cardboard. Heavy. Hearty. And not that tasty. I'll stick with the Flat Earth crisps if I'm going this route. Besides, they have a wider variety of flavors.

That's it for this week!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The light is getting closer...

the one at the end of this weight-loss tunnel! I lost another 3.2 pounds this week, for a total of 143.4 pounds gone. The cool thing is that I now have less than 100 to reach my goal -- 99.6, but that's not 100.0!!!!

And this has been one of those weeks when normally, I'd hang on to the weight because of stress. It's been busy and crazy and .... well, normally that's a small gain or loss. I'm glad it's not that way this week.

And the cool thing is that I can go back to my 20-year high school reunion weighing LESS than I did at graduation. There aren't many people out there who can say that. Granted, it's not by much, but it is less.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another stick of butter...

I lost 0.2 pounds this week. It's a first .... first time I went to Savannah and didn't lose a massive amount of weight. No, but I had a great time!

Every 0.2 pounds is roughly another stick of butter gone from my body. I will take it. Can you imagine what even that little amount of weight looks like on your body? I can, and that's why I'm glad for that.

I lost another point this week. The 0.2 was just enough to put me over, AND the fact that in 5 days, I'll turn 38 -- the dividing line on the points quiz between points for age. Yep .... 21-37 and 38-(whatever). Does one year make all that much difference? Apparently so.

So this week, I plug along. More walking for Maddox (who is also on a weight control program -- poor baby!) and me too. I'm excited about it!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I love round numbers

Especially when they are caused by a weight loss!!! I lost another 1.6 pounds this week, for a total of 140 even. I am so happy!

I'm taking a weekend vacation to see my friends in Savannah. I am truly looking forward to the "west and wewaxation" (hahahahahahahahaha). And considering I usually lose big on the weeks that I visit them..... (heh heh heh). No, seriously, I am truly looking forward to spending time with people whom I love.

I haven't seen them in about a year. This will be great!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kind of cool....

I had a VERY slight gain this week -- 0.2 pounds. For me, that's maintenance. There are weeks like that, and you just keep plowing on.

On the positive, I got a lot of compliments this week from many different sources. One night, I was walking Maddox and ran into someone from high school. He was a year ahead of me, dated one of my classmates, and later married someone I worked with. After the "Hey how are you?" (during which I was walking beside a parked vehicle), he said, "Whoa! Have you lost a ton of weight!" (and he's right ... it seems like I have). Then the next night at WW, one of the people who isn't part of our regular meeting could hardly believe my totals. Luckily, I had a before picture I could show to prove it! And then Friday night, my brother told me about a friend of his that said, "Yeah, I saw Annette walking the dog. Man, has she lost weight!" (and the weird thing is, I might have met this person once, and I don't remember that).

So I'm hardly disappointed by a minute gain. That's just fuel for the fire.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh yeah ... I nearly forgot!

Race for the Cure was this past Saturday. On my main blog, I wrote a more detailed entry about the event. All said, it was a fabulous experience and I can't wait for next year!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still going!!!

Another 1.8 down this week for a total of 138.6 pounds gone. I am within 3 pounds of what I weighed in March 1987, when I had a physical for college. It's scary as hell to think I'd gained 140 pounds in 19 years, but I did. I know a good 60 of that was in those four years of college.

I still wonder sometimes how I let things get so out of control for so long -- mostly because I don't want to repeat the past. I think in my youth, I felt a sense of invincibility .... a stupid one, considering I knew death almost too well. And I don't think I loved myself as I should have. I'm not sure we can at that age, either. We aren't necessarily wise enough to know how.

But now I know, and I want to keep this up. I am not working this hard for this body to let it go to pot again. I AM STILL GOING!!

In other news, only 36 hours until the Race for the Cure. I am excited, scared, nervous, hopeful, and a little overwhelmed. But I know I can do it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

This week's random thoughts.

  • I lost another 1.4 for a total loss now of 136.8 --- so doggone close to a round number! That's cool -- I'll take every loss I get!!!
  • One of the ladies in my group, who started last July, got to Lifetime tonight. I am SO very proud of Rose -- she brought in her "before" picture, and I honestly don't remember her looking like that. She's always been small to me! She lost 82.6 pounds to reach her goal and maintain it -- WAHOO!!!!!!
  • This week, I caught a shadow in the hallway -- the light was coming in from the employee entrance onto the wall of the mailroom. It took me a second to realize it was my own shadow I was looking at. It's smaller than it used to be, and that just thrills me to no end!
  • It's pants buying time again. My ideal pair would cover my hips without calling attention to the fact that I have no butt. Yes, my butt is mostly flat. There's a small bump there, but not proportionate to the hips, or the still-large abdomen. I'm thinking I just need to find myself a competent yet relatively inexpensive seamstress/tailor and avail myself of her/his services.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Drowning in a sea of joy!

I took Maddox to be groomed today, and while he was getting all prettied up, I went to the mall. That's the first time I've been in ages. I'm just not much of a mall girl (at least not much of one since high school). I had PLENTY of time to kill so I went into Dillard's and headed for the plus sizes. I'm still in those and will be for some time, but that's okay -- we're moving in the other direction.

I just went to look -- didn't plan on buying anything, but I saw this beautiful beige/tan lined linen jacket on the clearance rack. It was 75% off. It's almost fall, but it would be suitable to wear for the first few weeks before putting it up for heavier gear.

I tried it on. It did not fit at all......... IT WAS TOO BIG!!!! It was the size I wear now, but way too big. I know that the pricier clothing usually tends to be a little more generous than other manufacturers, but holy mother of pearl, this was like 2 sizes too big generous.

I wanted to just sit down on the floor there, and cry tears of joy. That is a first. Usually, when I've wanted to sit on the floor and cry, it's because things were too small and I was hating the thought of going up to the next size. Or sad because there was no "next size" at this store and it would be off to Lane Bryant or Catherine's or any other specialty store. The idea of me going into Dillard's or Macy's or even Kohl's or any other regular store and being able to walk out with something in my size that fits ..... it still blows my mind.

I like this feeling. An awful lot!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Much Better Week!!

I lost 6.6 pounds for a new total of 135.4 GONE..... I don't know how. I'm not going to sweat it. Today was a different day because my department sponsored a hot dog sale. In the spirit of healthier eating we did offer turkey dogs and wheat buns, along with turkey chili. I also had a cookie and a caramel bar. Worth every point. I skipped a lot of snacks to have those, but GOD were they good.

Ta for now!

Friday, September 07, 2007

One step forward, two steps back...

This week was a gain of 1.2 pounds. I can't figure out how, and honestly I don't care to try. All it means for me is that I have to keep plugging along, and keep working hard to make the program work.

I didn't walk Maddox in the mornings, just at night. Having a holiday off truly throws my schedule for the whole week. It was so tough to get up in the mornings. Part of it is that the seasons are changing. It's not light now until around 6:45 AM, when it used to be 6:15 AM. Those 30 minutes make a big difference. And Maddox didn't help matters either by just lying there .... he surely wasn't in any hurry to get outside and walk either! So what I have to do is rethink things as the times and seasons change. I've already bought 5-lb. dumbbells; and as much as I hate it, I think the Y membership may have to bite the dust.

I do fear The Rut ... the same old, same old all the time. I already think sometimes I have fallen there. Same old two or three places for lunch (or same old thing from 2 or 3 different places). I'm just about salad-ed out. Even Subway, which I love and rely on for a veggie fix, is starting to be just ho-hum. Frozen dinners are fine, but those get old too. Apparently, I'm simply going to have to break down and -- gasp -- spend a weekend cooking. Not only that but I will have to -- shock shock, horror horror -- cook enough to make several meals out of it. That FoodSaver that my parents have is starting to look pretty good (just need to get enough plastic containers to have on hand).

So I have options. I have ideas. I have only to implement them......

Friday, August 31, 2007

Little steps adding up....

I lost another 0.4 pounds, which gets me to 130 even. WOW! I would never have imagined losing 130 pounds, let alone in 68 weeks.

The cool thing is that I am within 10 pounds of what I weighed in the spring of my senior year of high school .... granted, I was La Gordita back then, but I'm thrilled. I am happy to be that close, 20 years down the pike. I can't wait for the day when I go below that number. It can't be too long now!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Downhill again with some terraces....

I lost 2.8 additional pounds this week for a total of 129.6 ...... ah! how nice to be back on a downward slope, instead of a terrace. But you know, I need to celebrate the weeks I maintain instead of moping about them.

I am happy. I am pleased. I am tired, so I'm signing off for now. More to come later......

Friday, August 17, 2007


I maintained this week ... again.

I'm not disappointed but at the same time, I'm praying this doesn't become a trend. A big loss, maintain, a big loss, maintain. I know, I know -- it beats a gain. And I remind myself of that. But at the same time, I don't mind losing 0.8, 1.2, 0.6, 1.0, etc. as long as it's on a downward spiral. The 3.4's and 4.2's are nice, but I know better than to wish for that each week.

But I'm hanging in there. I'm hanging for all I'm worth!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


My mother told me last night, "3 pounds. I just have a feeling you will lose 3 pounds this week." I pooh-poohed that notion ..... it's been so unbearably, miserably hot that I haven't been able to walk the dog every day (nor myself for that matter). Now, to be fair, she has said things like that before and been right .... but not this time.

Mama was wrong. I lost 4.2 pounds this week!!!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Q&A Time

A friend in Washington State had asked me some questions about my weight loss journey..... and I figured I'd put the Q&A here too!

1. What motivated you to start?
Seeing a number on a scale I never ever ever dreamed I would ever see. And having my GYN tell me that my weight was a direct influence on my health. I haven't seen that number since May 11, 2006. My first week, I lost 12 pounds which was enough to get me below that threshold. I firmly intend to never get anywhere NEAR that number again.

2. What is a continuing motivator for you to stay on plan?
Honestly, it's both the good feeling I have now that I'm shrinking and the dread fear of dying from being obese. I am enjoying watching the changes in my body (even as I cringe at the batwings and muffin top that are now sagging to the floor.) The odd thing is .... I always had this sense that I would die young, in my 50s. When I was in my 20s, I had this strange sense of peace about it; accepted it as a possibility. Once I hit my mid-30s, I suddenly had NO intentions of ever wanting to die that young.... and when it hit me that I just might, and it would be my own fault.... well, that also snapped me into reality.

3. Do you know your before/after BMIs?
I do keep up with my BMI. I am still in the "obese" range, but it's dropped around 18 points since I started.

These are just a few of the questions that I don't mind being asked -- and answering!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Keeping it even...

I maintained this week. I am not disappointed at all.

It's been crazy..... month-end usually is. It's just one of those times when I have to do a lot of adjustments. You're pushing yourself like mad for about 4 days, and then it's done and whew.... back to normal.

I also admit to being less than motivated to walk in the mornings this week. I think it's flippin' RIDICULOUS to have temps of 75 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. I mean, REALLY! But I gotta get back in the swing..... I enjoy the buddy time (though this week, I have needed and enjoyed the extra sleep). And Maddox hasn't complained about it either......

So here's to a better week -- a more productive one, all the way around!

Friday, July 27, 2007

A moment for reflection...

Tonight's weigh-in was very good --- I lost another 3.4 pounds (holy Moses!) for a total of 122.6 ..... this means I am now just OVER the halfway mark to my final goal.

Just as I never imagined myself ever reaching that top weight that I did, I also couldn't imagine that I would be at this point, and certainly not this soon. I fully expected things to take much longer -- and who knows? They may yet. But I am just in awe. Speechless. Amazed. Beyond belief.

I still have a long way to go..... no time for gloating or celebrating (wholeheartedly) just yet. It's sort of "all downhill" but not really.

But what a great trip it's been!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I lost another 0.8 for a total of 119.2 ...... holy Moses!

I also e-mailed the folks at the Upstate Race to change me over to the 5K. Several of my friends have convinced me that I can do this. And by golly, I plan to. I have also spoken to one of the GM's at work about sponsoring a team. He is considering it, and is very psyched about us having a team! The salespeople (the ladies, anyway) are on board. I have another coworker on board too. This is going to be great! WE CAN DO THIS!

And to all those who are going through a struggle with their own healthy journey, hang in there. It can be done. I promise. I'd like to tell you it gets easier as time goes on, but I have my days too. There are days I want to slack up .... but I look back at how far I've come along, and I find strength to persevere. It's not easy but it is worth it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Enjoying the process...

Last week was another 1.8 gone, for a total of 118.4 pounds down!

Tonight, we went out for dinner at the same restaurant that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. It's only about 2 blocks or so from home, so my dad and I decided to walk home. I was doing it, however, in 2 inch wedge heels. It didn't bother me at all!

I have grown to enjoy the walks -- especially my morning walks with Maddox. We're averaging a 2-mile walk in about 50 minutes. Not exactly the speed I had hoped for, but it will do. And I enjoy the bonding time with Maddox, my buddy!

In other news, I DID IT!!!! I just registered online to take part in the Upstate Race for the Cure. It is a very personal thing for me -- I have an aunt who is a 15-year-plus survivor, and I lost a dear friend (Tee) to this awful disease. It's personal now. So I have done it, signed up, and now have to set about raising funds.

It is hard to believe the changes I have experienced in 14 months. I am psyched about the changes to come.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

With thanks to Paul Simon for these lyrics.....

When something goes right, oh it's likely to lose me
Apt to confuse me, because it's such an unusual sight
Oh, I can't, can't get used to something so right
Something so right......

I lost another 2.4 pounds this week, for a total of 116.6 gone!

Something must be going right with walking the dog at the butt-crack of dawn each morning. In the two weeks I've been doing it, I've lost 4.4 pounds. I'm enjoying the morning walks. I still wake up just as groggily as I do any other morning, even the mornings I would go to the Y. I have never been the type to just bounce out of bed, eagerly anticipating the day. I doubt I ever will be. I have to ease into mornings.

Right now, though, I don't have much of an alternative. Evenings are still just too hot at 8:00 to walk the dog. It's still in the 80s at that time. At least at 6:00 AM, it's not much more than about 72 degrees. One morning last week, it was a nice cool 65 -- THAT was lovely!

Come the fall, the schedule may have to be adjusted again. We will see when that time gets closer (say, mid-October).

But so far so good!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sorry for the delay!!

It's been crazy here....... long story.

Two weeks ago, I had gained a pound back. I was thinking that the roller coaster had begun in earnest -- that things were going to stay like this. They may yet. It was easy to say "No big deal," but it is to me. I hate the up-one-week, down-the-next thing.

So last week, I'd lost that pound plus another. I'm now 114.2 down. That makes me happy. But I still wonder if the rollercoaster is going to keep going up, down, up, down..... or if I can get back on a downhill trend. I'm trying to stay positive about this. I *know* I can do this. Just a little pondering.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


It was a week here, to say the least. I had a sick doggie (who picked up an e. coli infection somewhere), a flat tire while on my lunch hour one day, and a few other swerves in my lane.

God apparently took great pity on me ..... because I LOST 6.8 pounds!!! I am now down 113.2, and FINALLY below a certain number that I haven't been below since probably age 20.

And I got a fantastic call today (saved on my voice mail) from a person at WW Corporate, calling to say they'd read my entry in the "Then and Now" contest and how impressed she was. Oh my God. It may not mean I am in the running for one of the grand prizes (because she did mention that they do want me to enter again next year as I get closer to goal). I nearly cried listening to it. I couldn't believe it.

And as I mentioned at our meeting tonight, earlier this week, I'd lugged in a 15-pound bag of dog food. I was hefting it and thinking, "Dang this is heavy!!" Then I thought of how many 15-pound bags of stuff I've lost (now at 7.5 bags of dog food) and thinking how I managed with that on my body. It took me a long time to love myself no matter what the scale said --- and I still firmly believe that with all my heart --- but the thought of ever putting 15 pounds back on does not appeal at all. I want to lose even more bags.

It makes it all worthwhile.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It had to happen sometime....

It was a rare off-week...... I gained 1.2 pounds. It was a crazy week -- very busy, very stressful, very zip-zip. A couple of times of eating at the desk instead of a real meal.

So next week, we're back to the gym on a regular schedule. Mealtimes that matter (meaning, really thoughtful eating). And renewed focus.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Rolling on!!

Another 2.2 pounds gone this week, for a total of 107.6 -- I jokingly said, "Oh no! I'm about to go off the radio dial!" It's been a wonderful ride, and hitting the one-hundred pound mark has made me happy and re-energized.

Only a few pounds to go -- and I will be HALFWAY to my eventual goal. HALFWAY!!!!! It will be all downhill from there (so to speak). It seems hard to believe .... when I first started, I never imagined I would be here right now. I'm just amazed.

To all my friends who are in the weight-loss process ---- HANG IN THERE! It is so worth it.

Friday, May 25, 2007


I lost 1.0 this week, for a total of 105.4 pounds gone in 54 weeks. I can hardly believe it!

Last week was crazy, and this one wasn't much saner. I didn't get to walk Maddox as much, and I can tell what a difference it makes. But the weekend is here, and it's a nice LONG weekend! WAHOO! We're going to spend some time outdoors and doing activities over the next few days. It's going to be great, and I'm really going to enjoy all the wonderful things I can do now -- and not be nearly as winded or tired as I was last year at this time, only about 13 pounds down. (Yeah, "only.")

Lots of my online girlfriends are recommitting themselves to weight loss. GO FOR IT!!!!! You *can* do it, and I am behind you 100%!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another good week!

A three-pound-even loss, for a total of 104.4 pounds gone. I am amazed! I didn't get to hit the gym as much as I wanted; didn't even get to walk Maddox (my dog) as much. It was such a busy week! But I am thrilled. I have certainly learned one big thing: DON'T QUESTION A LOSS!!! :-D

The weirdest thing happened at my hairdresser's last night: apparently my hair has started to go curly (okay, compared to its usual stick-straight look). And I asked about it both on my favorite messageboard and at the WW meeting tonight. Yep -- apparently all this healthy eating is having a good impact on my hair. Better nutrients - better hair and skin. Geez, we know this about our pets; why is it so hard to practice on ourselves?

Our WW meeting had lots of new folks and visitors from other meetings tonight. I got to meet a visitor, Colleen. I gave her the link to my site, so for Colleen: HANG IN THERE! You've done so well so far -- keep on rockin'!

I have a few faithful followers of the blog: for you I say THANKS!!! Your support and encouragement is so very appreciated!!!!! For everyone on this journey (be it WW, South Beach, TOPS, or whatever) --- KEEP GOING!!!

Until next time........ TA!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have great coworkers!

Today is my one-year anniversary on Weight Watchers. A few days ago, my boss told me that our GMs wanted to do something to commemorate my 100-pound loss (now up to 101.4 with 0.2 last week and 0.8 this week). After consulting me, they decided to do a nice healthy breakfast -- bagels (with whole-grain ones for those of us who are health-conscious), a nice fruit bowl, and fruit juices.

What they DIDN'T tell me was the nice surprise they had --- a very nice picture frame, with 3 picture slots. In the first, they had my before picture (you've all seen that one). In the 2nd one, they have a picture my coworker took of me yesterday. She's been fabulous in helping me chronicle my journey (see picture below). In the 3rd section, they had a "future" picture -- they'd taken an image of a beach volleyball player and cut out my head and pasted it to it! They told me it's for inspiration!

There was also a congratulatory card signed by all my coworkers in house. And our marketing director is going to do a story about me in the next issue of the newsletter that goes to all of us, to all our vendors and resellers, and most likely to Corporate Office too (now that we have one!). I didn't cry (I thought I might), but I did thank them all for their support so far!

And here's the "present" picture:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another milestone reached!!!!

It took some doing tonight, but I have gone over 100 pounds gone!!!!!!!

When I got to WW tonight, I stepped on the scale at weigh-in. I was at 99.2 .... the leader and receptionist both said, "Oh no. We're gonna get you to 100 tonight if you have to strip!" And I nearly had to. I went to the RR, and did what I had to there. Then once everyone had weighed in, we moved a folding screen around the scale, and I dropped trou (yeah, I know: seriously TMI). Amazing what a little tinkle and a pair of pants weighs: 1.2 pounds. So I hit 100.4 pounds gone tonight.

That's 100 pounds I NEVER EVER EVER want to see again. And I fully intend with every fiber of my being to NEVER EVER EVER let them get near me again. Now keep in mind, I am still nowhere near the end of this journey. Honestly, there is no end, just a change from loss to maintenance. But as far as total goal, I still have quite a bit to go. I'm not quite at the halfway mark for my overall goal. But OH! what a great feeling.

Makes me want to wake up tomorrow and hit the Y (did I really say that? You bet!)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Piece by piece...

and little by little, you're there!

1.6 more this past week, for a total of 97.6 pounds. That's 2.4 more to go in 3 weeks to reach a goal of 100 pounds in a year.

It's within sight!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Four to go....

Four weeks to go until my one-year anniversary with Weight Watchers.
Four pounds even to go to hit 100. (I lost 0.6 tonight to get me to 96.0 even).

See the correlation?

You best believe I am going to do everything in my power to lose the four pounds in these four weeks. Time to get back to basics (even if I'm not in Luckenbach, Texas).

My mantra is 1 YEAR & 100 POUNDS .... I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quick update....

Sorry - it's a crazy week, so it's a short post. Another 1.2 gone --- now at 95.4 pounds down! I can't believe I'm this close to 100!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who are your role models?

Tonight's weigh-in was good --- another 1.8 pounds gone, for a total of 94.2 pounds lighter.

Tonight's topic was about who inspires us. I have had lots of people tell me that I am inspiring to them -- and I do appreciate it so much. But it made me wonder who inspired me -- who have I admired and looked up to as I've been on this journey? This week, I'm going to think more about this question. And write on it when I can.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I love being a loser.....

Another 1.6 down, for a total of 92.4 overall in 46 weeks. Holy crapola. I can barely believe it!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


(Thanks, David Bowie).

I've worn plus sizes since my teens. But over time, I even went beyond those into what is now known as "extended plus" .... you can't find those in regular department stores or most clothing stores. They can be found in specialty stores: Avenue, Catherine's, for a while Lane Bryant, and so forth.

For a long time, I got my clothes from a local re-distribution outlet for mall stores/catalog/outlet wear. Most of the clothing was from the previous year's catalog. That never bothered me, because I didn't care if it was a year old or not. It was inexpensive and (more importantly) in my size. But then it got to the point that their selection started to be kind of junky, especially in those larger sizes. Awful knits and ugly stuff. Then it was back to the more expensive specialty shops. It was then that I learned how to shop clearance areas for the best stuff my money could buy. As long as it fit and was marked down at least fairly reasonably, I bought it.

As I've lost the weight, I've noticed the sizes going down -- and that has been really nice! I've still been shopping at the specialty stores, primarily because I've been going there so long and I'm comfortable there. But the last couple of weekends, I have spent time in various dressing rooms of various stores.

Last Sunday, it was in Stein Mart -- a place I have gone into many times, but never to buy clothing. But I decided to go look and try on -- what could it hurt? I bought 2 shirts that day. And just about cried with joy. And I still got them from clearance because I want the best bang for my buck (er, so to speak).

Today, it was Ross. Now I wasn't crazy about the crammed-in racks, or the lack of signage for the plus sizes .... but I was head over heels for a jean jacket!! It's a little snug in the sleeves (but then again, I tried it on over a sweater), but it's the first one I've owned in years. And over a t-shirt this spring? Perfect. Oh yeah, I bought an apple-red tee to go with it....

Then I went to the mall -- again for the first time in ages. I stopped at Goody's, and they had nice enough stuff (and a SUPER sweet 50% off sale!) .... but nothing really caught my eye as a "gotta-have" (yes, even at 50% off). So out into the mall I went. I went down to Belk, where they too were having a half-off sale on certain items, and 30% off most of the others. I found a couple of items to try on. The shirt was too snug in the sleeves -- back it went. The pants were a nice fit ... but the fabric just didn't feel right to me. The size? A size smaller than my smallest pair of pants right now. That part was sweet -- just not sweet enough to make me buy (again, even at half-off).

But I still walked out with a smile on my face -- because for the first time in about 15 years, I am shopping in regular stores. Still in the plus-size sections, but in regular ol' department stores.

Incidentally, just for kicks and giggles, I went back to the mall-catalog clearance outlet store -- you never know. I am sad to report that the plus-size section (even in the non-extended sizes) was far worse than it used to be. At one time, this particular location had a separate store just for plus sizes, and they had excellent stock -- nicer quality things, in a variety of sizes. When they merged with their regular-size store, both the quality and quantity levels have gone far downhill. It's a shame too......

Of course, the other kicker was that I noticed my skin in the mirror..... time to start researching plastic surgeons! Oy vey! It's starting to get kinda saggy, and I know that eventually I'll need the excess skin removed. Wonder if I can get Dr. 90210 to do some pro bono work??

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I can hardly believe it!

Tonight's weigh-in: -1.4 pounds.
Total since May 11: -90.8 pounds.

Only 9.2 pounds to go until 100....... I never imagined I would get here, and have fun doing it. I still have a long way to go, to be certain. But I've made it this far. I can't -- won't -- stop now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Childhood remembrances

Regular readers of my main blog (Meanderings and Musings) may remember me speaking last January about the passing of my childhood friend Tee from breast cancer. One of the things that I have vowed I will do this year is walk in the Race for the Cure in September in her memory, and in honor of my aunt (who is a 15+ year survivor of breast cancer). Today would have been Tee's 38th birthday. I am still pissed about that. Breast cancer should not rob a husband of his wife, two children of their mother, two parents of yet another child (one of Tee's brother had passed away a few years earlier).

But tonight, we celebrated my father's birthday (from last Tuesday) and my brother's (this coming Monday) with dinner at our town's Greek/Italian restaurant. It's only about 2, maybe 2-1/2 blocks from the house, on the southernish edge of the business district. At dinner, my brother and I spoke of another nearby place which had been a convenience store when we were kids. It's now an ABC or red-dot store -- meaning state-licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

I mentioned offhandedly that I missed the Speedy Mart, that Tee and I used to walk up there at least 2 or 3 times a week in the summer, armed with about 50 cents, and could come out with a buttload of candy. Most of it was 2 for a nickel. Maybe a nickel each for the deluxe or jumbo varieties. Atomic Fireballs, Sugar Daddy, Lemon Drops. Maybe if we felt like REALLY splurging, we'd buy Pop Rocks (mmm! Pop Rocks!) and feel them explode all in our mouths.

Not long after my little trip down memory lane, my dad asked if I had my Powerball tickets for tonight's drawing. I responded that I would be picking them up soon. I had ridden to the restaurant with them, and figured we'd just run into the convenience store around the corner. And it hit me. I could walk home .... I could stop at the convenience store -- only a half-block if that much from the restaurant, then the two blocks home. Yes! By God, what a brilliant idea. So what if it's 7:45 and dark out?

So I did just that. I stopped at the store, bought two tickets, and began the short walk home. I remembered the times that Tee and I had walked this path so many times. I remembered another girl and I walking this way every day from school when we were in junior high. I thought of how much I hated walking home from school -- not because it was activity or because I hated to exercise. It hit me tonight on the walk home that it labeled me as a latchkey kid ... not that plenty of other kids at my school didn't have the same situation, but I just never liked the thought. I'd walk across from school over to the parking lot filled with student and parent cars ... and think, "Someday. Someday." Occasionally a neighbor or friend would take pity, especially in rainy weather, but those times were few and far between.

When my brother later went to that school -- then (and now) the middle school -- he had to walk home in 5th grade. In 6th grade, I was there to pick him up each day, in my big ol' honkin' car. I had a dog then ... what I should have done was meet him there with the dog and the three of us walk home, just like I'd done all those years ago. Instead I sat in my car, with the dog next to me some days, eating a Snickers bar and washing it down with a Jolt cola. BAD move. Twenty-five years after those initial walks home from school, I wish I had a do-over. I would have enjoyed the walks more. I would have relished that time and the good it was doing me.

So tonight, I enjoyed the short walk home, even in the dark and even with a very unfamiliar dog coming up behind me. When I got home, my mother said, "That was quick!" I guess it was. I just walked at my normal pace, which apparently has improved dramatically.

I thought of Tee as I walked, not just for the times we'd traveled those sidewalks, but for the paths we would never travel again. The path I am currently traveling, and the one I will encounter this September as I walk in her name.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another pound down ....

and just a half-pound from 90 pounds.

I never imagined that 10 months ago, I would be 90 pounds lighter. I never imagined that I could enjoy the process as much as I have. I marvel at the way I am changing .... slowly and imperceptibly at times, but then I see it and go "When did THAT happen?"

I know that I have a long way to go, but I can't wait to see how it's all going to turn out!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back on track.....

Last week ... well, all this past week ... has been weird. Last Thursday, when I wrote my post, I had had a very bad afternoon at work. I honestly believe part of my gain was due less to a bad day of eating or (in my case) not eating enough -- and more to the emotional weight. Emotions carry weight; I know that can never be proven, but I believe it. Guilt, stress, sadness -- all weighty emotions.

Anyway, this week, I'm back on track. I lost 2.8 --- all that I'd gained last week and 2 more pounds, and am now down a total of 88.4 pounds! That's seventeen 5-pound bags of sugar (and then some). Five rather large Thanksgiving turkeys (and a small turkey breast). About 10 gallons of milk.

I was discussing this with a coworker today -- she has lost a lot of weight over the years and is one of my cheerleaders. We were talking about it and how much more I have to go. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there and have come so much further than I ever expected.

I am proud of my achievements so far, and can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Slight gain this week

but I'm not even thinking about it. Just moving forward. It's all I can do.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fitness Assessment today

The Y has a program called Wellness Works, and part of that is that you have periodic fitness assessments. They take your measurements, and you do various physical things and they evaluate where you are.

I had my first assessment at the end of September, and was supposed to have another at the end of December. Between my evaluator leaving and the holidays, I wasn't able to reschedule until today.

My measurements were very improved. My chest -- 6 inches down. My waist -- 5 inches. My hips -- about 2 inches (which she told me wouldn't go down so fast anyway). I'm thrilled altogether with those results. And they weighed me as part of it -- I'd lost another pound since Thursday night! WAHOO!

On the fitness assessments, I had good improvement (or maintained) in all areas. On one of the assessments -- where I have to sit on the edge of a chair and go up and down as often as possible in 30 seconds, I had an over 100% improvement. As things continue to improve, the assessments I will be asked to do will change too. That's fine -- I expect that. I actually will look forward to that time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Getting better and better....

This week was a good week. Not only did I lose 4.8 pounds (total: 86.4), but I did it eating MORE points. I realized that I needed to get going with the new points system. And it worked!

One of the things we were asked to do tonight at our meeting was to list 3 recent accomplishments, 3 recent challenges, and 3 tips to share. So here are mine:

Accomplishments -- Successes So Far
  1. losing 4.8 pounds this week
  2. losing four pants sizes since May
  3. sticking to my exercise plans this week (so far)
Challenges to Success
  1. fitting in exercise on plan
  2. getting in my healthy oils
  3. the temptation to stress eat
Tips for Continuing Success
  1. Keep remembering the long haul -- remember this process will have ups and downs, gains and losses. Patience, grasshopper.
  2. At the same time, keep your focus on one day, one meal, one moment at a time. Every wise choice made leads to success.
  3. Don't obsess. You are human - you will slip and make mistakes. Be gentle with yourself and then get back on the wagon.
Hang in there!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sometimes pounds, sometimes inches...

According to the scales at this week's weigh-in, I gained back 1.4 pounds. Whatever. I know that I lost inches -- just as important as the poundage some weeks.

Last week, I bought some new pants because the ones I bought in October have gotten way too big, even with belting them. I am now down four pants sizes from where I started in May '06. These pants are now -- only 9 days later -- a little too big in the waist. Holy God. I'm thinking my next shopping trip will be at Goodwill.....

So what didn't work this week? My schedule -- I was only able to squeeze in two days of exercise, and that was just bad. I admit to a bit of laziness in this regard this week; facing the great outdoors at 6:30 AM and temperatures in the teens or low 20s was not appealing. The nice 70+ warmth to be found in the comforter was a siren call ... and I needed a wake-up call instead. So guess what will happen tomorrow morning? (Speaking of, I need to finish this post and go pack my bag).

But tomorrow is a new day and a new start. I am more psyched about what the future will bring!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Slow and steady...

Slow and steady goes the race, as does the pace of the weight loss. Not that I mind, by the way. I lost 2.8 more this week for a total of 83.0 pounds. I weighed in this morning, since Thursday was spent at home (a snow day!).

Some weeks it's more, some it's less. This was a strange week. One day, I completely overshot my points. Not only used my activity points earned that day -- something I rarely do -- but ended up using some flex points as well. It didn't matter. I'm wondering if my body said, "Oh, thank you! Thank you! I appreciate the food -- and I will reward you accordingly!"

Oddly enough, I got all psyched up afterwards to go walking. So I did -- drove over to the track at the high school (I figured a little local stuff wouldn't hurt), but the stadium was closed. It's hardly ever closed. I haven't tried the new walking track at the city park, but I figured I'd just drive on to the Y. Halfway there, I remembered something about Open House. The place was packed -- but not for Open House (that's later tonight). No, it was Kids' Basketball League. The place was crawling with kids and parents and grandparents. The fitness center was not totally full, but close enough. I got an open treadmill and stayed there for the allotted time. I wasn't even about to try the weights today -- too many people!

Still, I'm proud that I chose to celebrate by doing something good for myself -- not saying, "Oh I've been SOOO good, now I want a doughnut" (or some other equally bad-for-me item). That is a big accomplishment for me -- not only not using food as a reward but actually doing exercise as a reward.

What a concept; might have to try this more often.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I lost 0.6 pounds this week -- and it puts me over 80 pounds!!!! I am at 80.2! I am very happy. I had thought I was going to lose a little more, but I'm perfectly happy with losing any at all!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

I never thought I'd love losing!!!

AH!!!!! 2.2 more pounds gone, for a total of 79.6 since May 11 (8 months and 1 week).

I never ever imagined back in May that I'd be able to do this. As my leader Debbie was saying to some of the folks leaving the 5:30 meeting, "I remember Annette's first week here. Her entire personality has changed...."

Well, yes and no. I've always had this personality, but that first night, I was so discouraged. I was literally weighed down. Weighed down by trying and failing. Weighed down by the sense that somehow it would always be this way and my window of opportunity was shrinking (even if I wasn't).

Things have blossomed and I have too. I'm really enjoying my life and the process of changing it. Even the little things are important.

If you're on this journey -- KEEP GOING!!!!! No stopping now -- you're so much closer!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I lost 3 pounds even this week, for a total of 77.4 pounds. I am very happy about that!

Yesterday morning, I was at the gym and had the choice of two empty treadmills, right next to each other. I didn't really have a preference, so I took the one a little further from the wall fan. Not that there's anything wrong with the fan, but I prefer to enjoy it from a distance. As I was finding the right song to get me into gear for my walk, the guy to my right tapped my arm. He asked, "Hey! How much weight have you lost since you started here?"

Apparently, people are noticing....... I love that!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well pooh.....

Back up 0.8 pounds. I am not sure why -- snack later than usual, water retention, new points system. Who knows? The important thing is that I know what to do to make the pounds go away and the program work. And so I shall!

Congrats to my friends Tal & Sera who have joined their local Y -- you're gonna love it! (At least I hope yours is as good as mine). The one thing I've enjoyed about the Y is that it's really a place for everyone. I was part of a gym once that started out great but then became more of a museum for saints and less a hospital for sinners (so to speak). And full of kids (16 and under) .... no thanks! The nice thing about my Y is that there are all shapes and sizes there. We're all striving for one goal: improved health. Sure there are folks over there in the free weights area doing powerlifts -- and there are others like me, over on the Nautilis machines on baby weights. No problem, no pressure. I like that.

So to everyone who is going for improvement in 2007 -- BEST OF LUCK!