Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crazy scale!!

I stepped on the scale tonight. Honestly, I was just hoping for something within a pound -- gain, loss, pure maintain, I didn't care.

After all, I'd had a piece of completely TDF Tres Leches cake at my boss' graduation party. It's a great treat, and it all depends on which recipe you use -- 5 eggs or maybe 9. Eagle Brand or just regular ol' Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut. The one recipe I saw which even offered a calorie count came out to EIGHTEEN points a piece. God almighty. But it was divine, and it was a very rare treat.

And today was our catered Christmas luncheon from a nearby bakery/catering place. They are fantastic. Oh holy Moses -- ham, Greek chicken, corn, green beans, macaroni & cheese, scalloped red potatoes, fruit bowl (cut melon, apples, grapes) .... and their famous cakes.

The receptionist tonight said, "Well, you went up a little....." and gave me my figure. Not great, but I could live with it. Then I sat down and looked at my figures ..... uh, a gain? A gain? Not quite. I was MINUS that amount. I took it back to her and she looked at it and said, "Wait, step up again...." I did and she said, "I swear to you, it said PLUS that amount, but the sticker's right!"

Yep. Another 1.8 pounds gone. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

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Seraphim9 said...

You should be commended for ANY loss during this time! I honestly can't even think of the calories I have coursing through my body right now!

I have decided, though, that on January 7 I will attend my first Weight Watchers meeting and see how it goes from there. Tal is going to let me test the waters first before he decides whether or not he wants to go along with me (i.e. he doesn't want to be the only one in the room with a Y chromosome), or maybe just follow the program along with me.

I have made several attempts with WW over the years. My grandmother used to run one when I was little, then later as a pre-teen I attended with my mom. About 13 years ago, I attempted WW once again with my cousin, but we just couldn't seem to get the hang of everything.

I'm hoping now that I am a bit older and wiser that I will be able to be successful. Certainly having a mentor like you will help! :-)