Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday and today.....

Yesterday's Open House was nice. We didn't have many people, but I loved meeting the ones who were there!

Afterwards, I went shopping. Yeah, retail therapy even when you don't need it (HA!)..... I found a couple of pairs of jeans on sale, and then I went dress shopping. I have a wedding to attend in a couple of weekends, and I want to look nice! So I went off to try my luck.

I found this beautiful navy blue long sleeveless sheath. I refuse to wear sleeveless without a jacket or shawl. But this one felt so good and looked good ..... so of course I got it. There was also a pear-green short-sleeved sheath dress -- no jacket, but guess what, I have a shawl or sweater I can wear with it...... AND, AND, AND. I found a great navy blue skirtsuit. I have plenty of pantsuits. Hillary Clinton has nothing on me (HAAA!), but not many skirt-sets. I don't usually wear skirts much; from years of the huge legs, I have always hated wearing them. But I figure I can now, and so I will. I'm packing all three for the wedding..... now to get SHOES!!! I have navy flats, but they're way too big. So navy pumps or slingbacks, I figure.

So often I focus way too much with the numbers on the scale. But being able to fit into clothing well and love the way I look is a far better gauge!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Quick post...

More to come later tonight....... just to let you know that the weight is down a bit. Not quiiiiiite there yet for monthly weigh-in, but we are getting there!

And WW e-Tools is wrong on their recipe for zero-point slow cooker soup. Eight one-cup servings? So how come I was able to freeze 2 quarts AND keep one quart out for use this past week? Even with adding extra vegetables (broccoli, squash, mushrooms), I still kept it at zero points AND got more out of it. 12 servings. And extremely tasty. VERY good!!!!

Okay, off to the last Open House of the month. More writing to come soon!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eat Simply

I spoke to my leader on Thursday night, and we decided not to bump up points or pounds right away. Instead, I'm going to keep really strong track this week and aim for less processed foods.... to see if that is perhaps the cause of things not working well for me. She's thinking that perhaps a couple of weeks of this might be helpful. At this point, why not?

I do eat healthy, but I also do rely on more processed food sometimes as a matter of convenience and time. When about 90 minutes of your day is shot due to merely commuting, sometimes processed and packaged is a huge advantage. I could spend a couple of hours (on a weekend, naturally) to make homemade soup, freeze it, then hope I remember to set it out to defrost and then reheat...... or I can open a can of the Progresso Light soup (which I love) and voila!

As much as I love cooking, I haven't had time to breathe lately, let alone cook. In a "worlds colliding" moment worthy of George Costanza, I am going through a lot of soul-searching, which I've written about in a private journal. One of the things I have realized is that my life seems so complicated and probably artificially so.... meaning, if I lived more simply, I might find that those little annoyances and distractions would go away too. The one element I can't change is moving closer to work. Just not possible at this point, so how else can I simplify my life?

And how can I simplify my eating habits? Within reason, how can I enlist others to assist me in this? I say "within reason" for a reason -- the one time recently I asked someone to help me with something, the end result was ..... let's just say it made the Keystone Kops look like a well-oiled machine. Not pretty.

I need to simplify not just my life but my eating as well, as much as I possibly can. There's a saying of "Live simply, so that others may simply live." Does the same apply to food ..... if I eat more simply, might that mean that somewhere in the world, someone might be able to simply eat because of my choice?

So much to ponder.... so much to consider.... so much to do.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When going uphill is a good thing.

In this week's weigh-in, I was back down by a couple of pounds...... WHEW!!! We're getting there and by next month's weigh-in, I have EVERY intention of being at a reasonable number. This number was anything but reasonable!

With that in mind, however, I have also made a decision. As much as I fought the idea, I need to change my final goal weight to bump it upward by a couple of pounds. Since the end of last March, I have been dancing all around this number anyway. It has been quite a struggle to try to get to and stay at my original final goal weight. My doctor had suggested this number, and probably because it was a nice round number. Figures that end in "0" or "5" do make things so much easier sometimes. But this is not one of those times. It is like my body has said, "No, that number does not work for me. And stop trying to make it work for you."

Am I bummed? A little, but at the same time, my body is obviously trying to say something to me, and I've been far too stubborn to pay attention. In some ways it is disheartening. I know it is not a failure on my part, but it makes me wonder if there was something I could have done differently. What am I doing incorrectly -- or is there anything? As time has gone on, I don't see where I could have done anything else..... I'm watching what I eat, I'm exercising like a madwoman. My leader and I have discussed that perhaps I'm not eating enough, but whenever I do increase the daily points to compensate, I gain. So I have no idea how to make this whole thing work, other than to do this -- if for no other reason than my own sanity.


Today will be the 2nd of our Open House weekends, and I am so excited!!!! I can't wait to share my story -- my triumphs and troubles along the way.

Years ago, when I had my first exposure to one aspect of HR work, I was given a book called What Color Is Your Parachute? (It's a job-seeking classic, but is so much more than just "so what kind of work am I cut out for?"). One of the assignments in this book was to really examine yourself, your values, and come up with a mission statement for your life: what is it that you are truly meant to do? Well, being young and not totally sure of what I was going to do that day (let alone my life) ........ even after all that soul-searching, my mission statement ended up as this generic, vague "to help people, no matter what job I'm doing."

I've been thinking an awful lot about this lately. And I know that with my work for WW, I am doing my best to help others. I hope that I can continue to grow and develop this area of my life in order to keep working to help others.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Puzzlements and positives.

Cut to the chase: I am up -- badly. I had to do my official weigh-in yesterday, and this is the most I have weighed in a very long time.

I am scratching my head trying to figure out exactly how this happened. Am I eating too much? Am I not enough for all the activity points? Should I use all 35 extra weekly in one fell swoop (because I know that 2-3 a day doesn't work for me)? Am I exercising too much (which truly, in my situation, I don't think is the case)? Is it simply a hormonal thing? Do I need to watch my sodium even more than I'm doing? I'm drinking plenty of liquids and getting rid of them too.

I don't get it. I am just baffled, puzzled, confused. I am going to keep doing what I'm doing .... I know it works. And I know this will come off, but holy mackerel, am I just floored....


BUT!!! In great, wonderful, positive news, yesterday was the first of our Open Houses at Weight Watchers. If you haven't heard yet, each Saturday in February in select locations, Weight Watchers is hosting an Open House event. It's a great opportunity to come learn about Weight Watchers - what we do, how you can make changes and how WW can help. And there's no charge to come and listen. If you have a friend who's been considering Weight Watchers, tell them about the Open House; better still, come together!!

Click here for more information about Weight Watchers Open House!

I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people yesterday, and share how Weight Watchers has helped me. I enjoyed hearing their stories, and hope that they will keep going forward!

Events like this are great reminders that we're all in the struggle together. None of us has all the answers, but together, we can strengthen and encourage each other to keep moving in the right direction. My own style tends to be more tough-love than tender; as I described to a family member earlier this week, I'm a weird combination of a rah-rah cheerleader and Gunnery Sgt. Hartmann from Full Metal Jacket. "If God wanted the weight off you, he would have miracled it off you! NOW GO GET 'EM!! RAH!!!" Yeah.

Which kind of closes the full circle with my own gain. I know I can do it and I know it will require hard work. I also know that I am up to the task -- I am more than able to dig in deep, to find the answers, and to persevere when they're not easily forthcoming.

Whatever we want in life must be gained through hard work, hard prayer, and an even harder faith. Faith in ourselves, faith in our abilities, faith in others to guide us and give us a hand up or a kick in the tail when we need it. Prayer -- connecting to the guiding force that is out there that helps the universe to make sense; I personally refer to that force as God, as I understand Him to be, but for those who don't follow traditional religious practices, whatever you do to connect to the Great Out There. Faith in our friends to support us and love us, faith in those who teach us how to live life to the fullest, and especially faith in those who love us so much they're not willing to buy the manure we peddle so easily to ourselves. Faith and trust that things do work together for good. Faith that allows us to step into the good, the positive, and away from the anchors that would hold us down and drown us so easily.

Now there's a life lesson -- not just a weight lesson.

Keep on keeping on. Yeah it's an old saying that I remember from the 70s, but you know, it applies. Just keep moving. Just do it.