Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not to sound like "The Facts of Life"...

but you really do "take the good, you take the bad."

The bad: apparently either last week's scales were REALLY messed up, or I had one hellaciously horrible week. I'm leaning to the scales, because there's no damn way I had that bad of a week. I stayed within points -- even with a birthday party. Turns out that according to tonight's weigh-in, I gained back most of what I lost last week. That has never happened before, and I'm not sure how it happened now. Whatever -- this is a new week, a new start, and I will lose it (and more) soon. I am truly determined to make it happen; this is only a minor development.

The good: Debbie (my leader) had gone to a regional leaders meeting, and gotten an award for having a member reach the 100-pound mark within the year. She gave it to me! So woo-hoo!!!!! I have a cool new necklace, to commemorate one of the goals I have made.

This week's challenge is to set a goal for the holidays -- whether to lose, maintain, lose inches, fit into a specific outfit. There are five weeks to go to the first January weigh-in. Five pounds in five weeks. That will get me over the 150 hump (again). I'm going to get back to some light weightlifting and get back on track walking Maddox. Even with all the stress at work, etc. this is NOT going to hold me down!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ho. Lee. Mo. Lee.

Since my WW branch was (obviously) closed on Thursday, I went to this morning's 8:30 AM meeting and weigh-in.

I stepped on the scale and the receptionist said, "Girl, I don't know what you're doing but you're doing it right -- you lost 4.2 pounds this week!" Then she said, "Ohhhhh! That puts you at 149 even. We can't have that -- take the sweater off and your glasses."

Another pound there (for a total of 5.2 pounds). That means: I have lost 150 even as of this morning. Now granted ... that was on a totally empty stomach, first thing in the morning (when I usually weigh in at 6:30 PM with a small snack a couple of hours before that). BUT I'LL TAKE IT!

What was really nice was it wasn't my regular meeting or leader, but Dave (that meeting's leader) could not have been prouder. He had me come up to get my 150-pound prize, and the entire meeting gave me a standing ovation. I started crying ... first time I did that when getting a reward. He is calling my leader to let her know, and they are going to put together something else for me (they sort of pieced together a prize this time).

I still have a good long way to go. And just over a year to do it. But I'm on the way!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

It happened yet again....

Another good-chunk loss, followed by a slight gain. It was only 0.4 pounds so I'm not worried at all. And yes, I should have gone to the potty before I stepped on the scale, but I didn't think about it at the time. Oh well, the best I might have done is 0.4 the other direction. Not bad, but I'm not going to sweat a whole half-pound.

It just makes hitting 150 by year end a little more interesting and challenging. And I'm going to do it. I am dead determined that I am going to do it. If it means I have to walk Maddox in a 40 mph wind at 9:00 PM, I'm going to (except for Thursdays, WW night). I am going to make it work.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feelin' good!

Last night, there was a going-away party for my boss. A lot of my coworkers were there, as was the boss' wife (who is young, very pretty, and thin as can be). She was RAVING about my weight loss, and so were all my coworkers.

Now these are the people who see me day in and day out. They have watched the changes I've made, and have been so incredibly supportive that it's just unbelievable. And they were showing me off to their spouses and S/O's and usually like this: "Come here, come here. Okay, now tell (Name) just how much weight you've lost. Doesn't she look amazing? She is one of the most determined people I know."

And they're right.

It has taken a lot of determination, stamina, and willpower. I went into this process realizing quick fixes were never going to fix the problem. I needed a long-term solution, not an overnight miracle. People asked, "Is it hard?" And I usually reply that it's not easy but it is worthwhile.

I confess -- there are days I would love to go face-first into a deep-dish, fully-loaded, 1000-calorie-a-slice pizza. But it's just not worth it. For those same 1000 calories, I could have a true FEAST that I could never finish in one sitting. So a lot of this process is making those difficult decisions.

All the compliments make the decisions easier. All the times I step on the scale at WW and see a loss makes it worth it. Whenever I have to buy new clothes because the old ones are falling off me, you bet it's worth all those tough decisions.

I'm feeling really good right now ..... and THAT is worth everything.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back on track (and happy!)

I have lost another 2.8 pounds -- my total is now 145.4 gone! Back under 100 to go, and only 4.6 to go to hit 150 pounds!!!!!

I didn't do anything differently. Actually, I didn't even get to walk much this week. That's gotta change. I miss the walks, and I know Maddox needs them. So no matter what, I just HAVE to make the time.

Onward and downward!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh well.....

Through 3 birthday celebrations and one high school reunion, and a complete lack of time in which to walk my dog, I managed to gain back one pound even. Oh well, crap happens. We're back on track this week, and will see it on the scale (and in the clothes, and in how good I'm going to feel!)

Speaking of crap -- if you're watching points, stay away from On The Border's Tortilla Soup. The bowl (not all that big and not that deep) is 8 points. YIKES!!! I wanted something different from the usual Border Smart chicken dish I usually get, and I thought I couldn't go that badly with Tortilla Soup and a House Salad. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! It was twice the points of the chicken. Unflippinbelievable.

For a much lighter version, check out Salsarita's tortilla soup -- only 2 points per cup and tastier, too. You can get one or two tacos with it at only 3 points each (with chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion and even a few olives). Skip the chips with the soup, but it is very filling for just one taco and soup. YUM-MO!

Another not-so-recommended: Nabisco's Garden Harvest crisps. I got some samples in the mail (Vegetable Medley, Apple Cinnamon). They are only 2 points per serving, compared to the Flat Earth crisps at 3 points per ..... but tastewise, it's no contest. The Nabisco ones were more like flavored cardboard. Heavy. Hearty. And not that tasty. I'll stick with the Flat Earth crisps if I'm going this route. Besides, they have a wider variety of flavors.

That's it for this week!