Friday, July 27, 2007

A moment for reflection...

Tonight's weigh-in was very good --- I lost another 3.4 pounds (holy Moses!) for a total of 122.6 ..... this means I am now just OVER the halfway mark to my final goal.

Just as I never imagined myself ever reaching that top weight that I did, I also couldn't imagine that I would be at this point, and certainly not this soon. I fully expected things to take much longer -- and who knows? They may yet. But I am just in awe. Speechless. Amazed. Beyond belief.

I still have a long way to go..... no time for gloating or celebrating (wholeheartedly) just yet. It's sort of "all downhill" but not really.

But what a great trip it's been!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I lost another 0.8 for a total of 119.2 ...... holy Moses!

I also e-mailed the folks at the Upstate Race to change me over to the 5K. Several of my friends have convinced me that I can do this. And by golly, I plan to. I have also spoken to one of the GM's at work about sponsoring a team. He is considering it, and is very psyched about us having a team! The salespeople (the ladies, anyway) are on board. I have another coworker on board too. This is going to be great! WE CAN DO THIS!

And to all those who are going through a struggle with their own healthy journey, hang in there. It can be done. I promise. I'd like to tell you it gets easier as time goes on, but I have my days too. There are days I want to slack up .... but I look back at how far I've come along, and I find strength to persevere. It's not easy but it is worth it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Enjoying the process...

Last week was another 1.8 gone, for a total of 118.4 pounds down!

Tonight, we went out for dinner at the same restaurant that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. It's only about 2 blocks or so from home, so my dad and I decided to walk home. I was doing it, however, in 2 inch wedge heels. It didn't bother me at all!

I have grown to enjoy the walks -- especially my morning walks with Maddox. We're averaging a 2-mile walk in about 50 minutes. Not exactly the speed I had hoped for, but it will do. And I enjoy the bonding time with Maddox, my buddy!

In other news, I DID IT!!!! I just registered online to take part in the Upstate Race for the Cure. It is a very personal thing for me -- I have an aunt who is a 15-year-plus survivor, and I lost a dear friend (Tee) to this awful disease. It's personal now. So I have done it, signed up, and now have to set about raising funds.

It is hard to believe the changes I have experienced in 14 months. I am psyched about the changes to come.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

With thanks to Paul Simon for these lyrics.....

When something goes right, oh it's likely to lose me
Apt to confuse me, because it's such an unusual sight
Oh, I can't, can't get used to something so right
Something so right......

I lost another 2.4 pounds this week, for a total of 116.6 gone!

Something must be going right with walking the dog at the butt-crack of dawn each morning. In the two weeks I've been doing it, I've lost 4.4 pounds. I'm enjoying the morning walks. I still wake up just as groggily as I do any other morning, even the mornings I would go to the Y. I have never been the type to just bounce out of bed, eagerly anticipating the day. I doubt I ever will be. I have to ease into mornings.

Right now, though, I don't have much of an alternative. Evenings are still just too hot at 8:00 to walk the dog. It's still in the 80s at that time. At least at 6:00 AM, it's not much more than about 72 degrees. One morning last week, it was a nice cool 65 -- THAT was lovely!

Come the fall, the schedule may have to be adjusted again. We will see when that time gets closer (say, mid-October).

But so far so good!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sorry for the delay!!

It's been crazy here....... long story.

Two weeks ago, I had gained a pound back. I was thinking that the roller coaster had begun in earnest -- that things were going to stay like this. They may yet. It was easy to say "No big deal," but it is to me. I hate the up-one-week, down-the-next thing.

So last week, I'd lost that pound plus another. I'm now 114.2 down. That makes me happy. But I still wonder if the rollercoaster is going to keep going up, down, up, down..... or if I can get back on a downhill trend. I'm trying to stay positive about this. I *know* I can do this. Just a little pondering.