Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's the saying about pride and a fall?

Okay, it isn't really a fall. I maintained this week. 0.0 pounds. No movement at all.I'm a wee bit disappointed, but not terribly so. On the one hand -- no gain. That is wonderful! But there was also no loss -- so "30 by the 31st" may not happen. I'll have to weigh myself at the gym on Monday to see if this weekend is going to make a difference.

This week, I really put some extra effort to go to the gym 3 days and do my workout. Even with the craziness at work, and every girl's favorite relative making her appearance, I went and worked out. I stepped up the pace on the treadmill. It's still slower than I want it to be, but baby steps. It's been a long time since I've been active and so it's going to take some time to bounce back.

I really tried hard to watch my food intake too. I slipped one day by accident: I left my WW case (with tracking diary) at work. The odd thing was that it was one of my workout days -- when I could have easily traded my earned activity points in for food points anyway (and still have been 3 points under). So I don't think it's that one day.

I also have to consider that I lost nearly 4 pounds last week. My body may be slamming on the brakes and telling me, "Wait! I need to catch up with you!" It's happened before, so I just need to remember to stay on plan, and work my way through this.


Another neat thing I've noticed: I've gotten used to not wanting uber-sweet things. I like my 100-calorie-pack items -- the Oreo crisps, the Peanut Butter crisps (mm!), and the Honey Grahams. And fruit -- I love fruit! Even if it's a little tart, I can sprinkle half a pack of Splenda on it and we're good to go. I miss chocolate, but one of the Weight Watchers group has told us of this new bar called CocoaVia. It's one of the darker chocolates with more cocoa in it (so actually a little healthier as well). It's divided into sections and each section is one point. One delectably delicious point. The Weight Watchers chocolate items are divine too -- and they are just the right size. Most of them are 1 point per piece but a serving is 3 items. Holy Moses! I love chocolate, but believe me, just one of these is more than enough.


A word about support: I have the best friends, coworkers, family and everyone else. They are behind me 110%. One co-worker even went so far as to tell another one, "Don't even THINK of taking that cookie over there and offering it to Annette. She cannot have it and she doesn't want it." And honestly, I really didn't want it. So it's nice to know that they have my back.

To all the girls at "Banned Camp" -- you are just precious to me! Some of you have seen me before and others I've never met, but you all have stood behind me and loved me through this. I can't thank y'all enough.

To my WW group. I don't know you all personally very well. We see each other for about 45 minutes each week, but I am enjoying this journey with you. And to Debbie, our leader -- I am so glad that you are supportive without being one of the rah-rah perky cheerleader types. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you....). I enjoy your soft-spoken enthusiasm, your realistic expectations of us, and your unfailing support.

And to my family -- who has gotten quite accustomed to hearing me say, "Thanks, I will fix my own meal," has listened to me extol the virtues of portion control and of healthy food, and who in their own ways are walking this with me. Thank you.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

One goal down, another in sight!

I lost 3.8 pounds this week!!!!!! So I reached my 25 pound goal, and exceeded it by 3, for a total of 28 pounds lost in 10 weeks. Next up: "30 by the 31st" -- 2 pounds in 11 days. Yeah, I can do that!

11 weeks ago, I could not imagine where this road would take me. That was my first night, the initial weigh-in when I nearly died from embarrassment, and Debbie (my leader) quietly leaned over and said, "You'll never see that number again." By golly, I don't intend to.

This past week, I tried a new activity: water aerobics. If anyone ever tells you it's not "real" exercise or that it's sissy, beat them to a bloody pulp. It's tougher than hell. An hour of that, and the next morning I could barely get up for work!! But it was so much fun! I am ready to try it again on Monday.

I guess that's it for this week. I promise that by this weekend, I will post that nice long(er) essay I've been talking about for 4 weeks! :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Floss and the Fat Girl

TMI Warning! Turn Around Now! You Have Been Warned! Don't Say "Thanks For the Visual -- I'm Warning You Now!"

Too late!

So I went shopping yesterday, looking for new pants. I have about 3 pairs that I can wear without needing to pin them. I have a few others where I am having to safety-pin the waistband to make them fit more snugly. A few more pounds to go, and into the garage sale bag they will go. I read recently that if you've lost more than 35 pounds, forget altering a garment, so.......

I'm a fan of a couple of plus-size stores, but one is my far-and-away favorite. The others get visited when I can't find stuff at my #1 choice. So my #2 choice was visited yesterday. They had a great sale. But no pants that work for me. Most of what they had was casual to begin with -- capris, crops, cargos, leggings. None of them look good on my big ugly legs. My legs don't look any shapelier from the knee down ... just one big continuation.

But they had shirts. And undies. And there, I saw them.

A few years ago, I could have sworn I saw Just My Size make thongs. My first thought was "oh hell no! You will never get my fat rear in a thong, I don't care." Well, things have changed. Especially when they're marked down from $14 to $3. So I bought a pair or two JUST to say I have tried them. All my skinny friends swore by them......

So off I go to the Y this morning, clothes packed and 2 pairs of undies in the gym bag -- the regulation granny-panties (that I adore more than anything) and the floss. Melon-colored mesh floss. Got out of the shower and began dressing .....

12-plus hours later, they are far more comfortable than I ever imagined. I might have to make a stop again and see if they have more. I could get very used to these.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I love a good downward slide.....

YAHOO! Fifth loss week in a row -- and 2.8 pounds this time. I am only 0.8 pounds from 25 lost. HOLY MOLY!

I promise I still have the longer essay I've been meaning to post but it has been just crazy. I probably should go to bed right now (I got up VERY early this morning to hit the Y before work). But I still have it and will post it soon......

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I lost another 2.2 pounds this week for a total of 21.4!!!! I have now met my first mini-goal!

To celebrate my little milestones along the way, I decided that I would treat myself to CDs that are woefully absent from my collection. So I will be lulling myself to sleep tonight to the dulcet sounds of "Abbey Road" .......