Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting better all the time...

The virus (thank God) has finally left me -- without affecting another single soul in the household. Go figure. It just didn't like me......

My back, however, is still not quite 100% again. I had a fantastic massage on Monday night which worked most of the kinks out ..... and 30 minutes in the recliner on Tuesday morning undid most of it. UGH!!! At least I have another chiropractic appointment this week. Unfortunately, until I'm able to move 90% of the time without pain or discomfort, I'm not picking back up my weightlifting routine. I don't want to make the problem worse!

I've moved my weigh-ins to Tuesday night, at least for a while. It's more a psychological thing. For years on end, my tracking began on Friday and ended on Thursday. Then as I've not been in meetings (except to work them) for about a year, I've gotten off routine  .... weighing on Saturday mornings but beginning my tracking on Monday (why?). Well, I don't mind starting the tracking on Friday, but weighing in on Tuesday. I know, totally weird, but for now, it will have to work.

And I'm down 2.4 pounds...... I've been tracking this week religiously because I have The Magic Trackers. Our Saturday morning meeting has a 3-Month Tracker that we pass around among members. NO ONE wanted to take them this week .... so I did. And yes, it makes a difference. When I had the virus, I found that I didn't want to eat (well, yeah - why bother?) .... and so I am finding that when that little internal clock says, "Oh boy, food time!" (snack, lunch, etc.), I'm asking myself, "Do I really need this or is it habit?" ..... or "What can I eat that will be the best for me?"

So to all my friends, keep plugging along..... it really does get better, all the time!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unkind week, kind results

Picture it: South Carolina, Monday morning after Easter.

The alarm went off early. My gym bag waited at the door, and I was looking forward to starting Workout 3A of this new program I was doing. Instead, I awoke to this weird feeling. Honestly, my first thought was, "Holy cow, did I overdo it yesterday! No, wait, I really didn't, but ooooog it feels like I did." Within 5 minutes, I was absolutely sick as a dog. My first thought after that was, "Oh God, please don't let it be food poisoning!" (Especially since I had cooked Easter dinner!)

Nope, not that ..... a stomach virus. A wicked, vicious, vile, awful, stomach virus. I didn't know it then but by a couple of hours later, I surely did. And the only upside to the whole event was that I lost 5+ pounds easy. I didn't even have a point of reference (since I hadn't weighed in at work on Saturday), but I knew it was a substantial amount.

I wanted to lose, but not quite like that!

Then on Wednesday, I was leaning over to pet my dog and OUCHIE!!!! My back pulled in the same place it had the week before..... but this time it seemed so much worse! It was so bad that my supervisor sent me home at noon. I called my chiropractor -- God bless him, he worked me in on his lunch hour, and promptly stated that I had never before shown the problem areas he was seeing in me that day.

Here I am 3 days removed, and the back/hips are still very tender. I haven't had this sort of back trouble in forever -- probably not since high school. I went for a walk tonight and felt it every step of the way -- but in fairness, I had not iced my back at all during the day......

But the kindness of people all week long has been my take-away from this -- not the weight loss, not the back pain, but the wonderful giving spirit of people. That has gotten me through the rougher parts of this week.

So while it may not help your actual weight-loss/health journey, take time to be kind. If nothing else, your heart will certainly feel lighter!