Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting better all the time...

The virus (thank God) has finally left me -- without affecting another single soul in the household. Go figure. It just didn't like me......

My back, however, is still not quite 100% again. I had a fantastic massage on Monday night which worked most of the kinks out ..... and 30 minutes in the recliner on Tuesday morning undid most of it. UGH!!! At least I have another chiropractic appointment this week. Unfortunately, until I'm able to move 90% of the time without pain or discomfort, I'm not picking back up my weightlifting routine. I don't want to make the problem worse!

I've moved my weigh-ins to Tuesday night, at least for a while. It's more a psychological thing. For years on end, my tracking began on Friday and ended on Thursday. Then as I've not been in meetings (except to work them) for about a year, I've gotten off routine  .... weighing on Saturday mornings but beginning my tracking on Monday (why?). Well, I don't mind starting the tracking on Friday, but weighing in on Tuesday. I know, totally weird, but for now, it will have to work.

And I'm down 2.4 pounds...... I've been tracking this week religiously because I have The Magic Trackers. Our Saturday morning meeting has a 3-Month Tracker that we pass around among members. NO ONE wanted to take them this week .... so I did. And yes, it makes a difference. When I had the virus, I found that I didn't want to eat (well, yeah - why bother?) .... and so I am finding that when that little internal clock says, "Oh boy, food time!" (snack, lunch, etc.), I'm asking myself, "Do I really need this or is it habit?" ..... or "What can I eat that will be the best for me?"

So to all my friends, keep plugging along..... it really does get better, all the time!

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