Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Turning the corner....

Last weekend, I had my weekly weigh-in and WAHOO, it was down another 3.2 pounds! Holy cow - that's 5.4 pounds in two weeks, and 3 weeks since I stopped taking Premphase. Guess they weren't kidding about that "weight gain" side effect, were they? Okay, that, and getting back in the swing of working out again, and eating healthily again -- it all made the weigh-in much better.

If you haven't heard yet, Dr. Oz has a program out called "Transformation Nation" -- he is partnering with Weight Watchers to provide weigh-ins for participants, but it goes beyond just weight loss and working out. It involves telling others about the site, getting in for a physical, etc. It's a great reminder that good health isn't just weight loss and exercise but knowing your family history and being proactive about your own health. So visit Dr. Oz's website and sign up today to change your health and your life!

I took a trip this weekend to Sky Top Orchard (Flat Rock NC) for some fresh-from-the-orchard apples. They also had a few Asian pears left, also straight from the orchard and oh, my goodness, so good! If you are blessed enough to live near an orchard, then do yourself a huge favor this fall and get some fresh fruits! I plan to go back next month, when the Arkansas Blacks come in, and get ready to make my homemade sugar-free apple butter .... Christmas gifts!! (And of course, pick up some Pink Lady apples for eating!). I was lucky to get some Mutsu this weekend ... mmmm!!! I had gotten some "Paula Red" (never heard of those!) at the grocery store this weekend, and .... meh. They're a little mealy for me. I love a good crisp, nearly-break-my-incisors-off kind of apple.

With fall here, I'm also looking forward to some yummy soups and stews..... and some hearty-but-healthy casseroles with fall and winter vegetables. All sorts of good hearty squashes and root vegetables (oh, my: roasted root veggies!)..... I can't wait! Good things to put up and freeze for the winter. Hearty whole grains that are good for you and filling. Gosh, as much as I love the light tastes of spring and summer, I also enjoy the comforting tastes of this time of year.

By the way, my friend (and occasional contributor) Angie has posted some really yummy things at her blog Successful Together, including an awesome Creamed Corn Bread. I had planned to make some veggie soup last weekend, and some of the cornbread..... only the weather played a trick and it was 85 degrees! Not exactly veggie soup and cornbread weather. So we'll try again this weekend when it's not humid, and back in the 60s/70s. But she has a whole slew of new yumminess to check out!

So when you turn the corner into fall, make a healthy turn -- do something good for yourself. And most of all believe in yourself and your capabilities. Believe that you are worth every moment you invest in yourself and your health. And know that if no one else does, I am rooting for you and your success!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still around

I apologize for being so late in posting. Last week was absolutely insane-o with rehearsals, opening weekends, and a few other things.

Short of it, I'm up -- more than I would like -- but I am making strides. I'm back to working out more often (at least so far this week), and I'm making better choices this week than I have in teh last few weeks. Best of all, I have a new primary care physician! The first thing she has done is take me off the Premphase. She said, "I'm not a big fan of it..." and I replied, "Neither am I." So two weeks from now, I will have some extensive labwork to determine various endocrine functions, including thyroid, reproductive, and insulin. Why this? I have two family members (aunt, uncle) who are diabetic, and I know that all systems work together. Nothing operates without affecting other systems. So better to know than not know. As I've said in a few other posts, I've come too far where ignorance is no longer bliss; knowledge really is power.

So I hope to have better news in the near future!!

And if you're in my area, only one weekend left to see Godspell!! Come to Clemson Little Theatre, or call them for reservations.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Sorry to Jerry Garcia...

But I'm changing one of your lyrics.....

Living on sugar, Vitamin B and caffeine,
All her friends can say is...... STOP & REST, GIRL!

Yes, it has been quite a last couple of weeks - hence, a missed post last week!

The downward trend continued last week but I'm awfully afraid this week will be a reversal of fortune. But I have been working out this week -- and *gasp* doing so first thing in the morning. Yup, for real! I've been getting to the gym around 6:00 AM, working out and getting ready and even getting to work early. And you know what I'm finding? I'm not going to bed any earlier.

I've been backsliding on my "no caffeine after 3:00" .... mostly because I don't relish the idea of falling asleep behind the wheel going from work to rehearsal. But you know, it is what it is.

All told, my goal for the next two weeks is to lose what I can, as I can. Work out whenever I can, and to just simply not sweat it. I find that when I stress over it, the weight issues just seem that much worse.

Move to a sweet groove in a happy place. Marvel at the miracles of human motion. How every system interacts so seamlessly that we don't even realize how well it works. Savor every bite, every flavor, every herb and spice that gave of itself to your experience at the table.

Life is good. Even with all the busy-ness and short spare time, I'm having a blast!