Thursday, April 30, 2009


A loss again this week --- 1.2, so almost all of the gain from last week. It happened to a couple of other people too --- an unexplained gain, and a good loss this week. That makes 225.6 GONE, and just 2.4 to go. HOLY MACKEREL! Almost there --- so nothing else to do but keep on truckin'!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was a good idea at the time....

In my last post, I spoke of having a "blowout meal" -- just for fun and to try to find a way to kickstart some weight loss. I went for BBQ, sweet potato crunch and green beans. YUM! Until an hour later.......... oh my.

My favorite meal decided to come back with a vengeance. And this wasn't a situation where I ate until I was stuffed and unable to move. It was normal portions of foods I have eaten before. I'm not sure what happened that my body said, "WHOA! Who sent this junk here? I'm getting rid of it!"

But it was great-tasting........ Le sigh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well. flip!

You ever have one of those weeks where you do everything right? You eat right, you work out daily or nearly daily, and you do everything you are supposed to.......... and still gain?

Yep. I gained 1.4 pounds this week, which set me back to 3.6 pounds to go for goal (224.4 gone). AARGH!!!!!!!! 24 ounces (give or take). 24 ounces are NOT going to beat me.

This bump in the road is just that: a blip on the screen -- nothing to fret over, nothing to overanalyze. It happened to several of us this week, and so I know I'm not alone. I'm not worrying about anything except following the program, and enjoying the ride along the way.

Still, a blowout meal may do the trick. I may just have to give in to my barbeque jones..... it ain't Maurice's but Mutt's BBQ (and their heavenly Sweet Potato Crunch) may just do the trick. Slurp!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I took part in this morning's 5K as part of the Azalea Festival. I walked it and was just hoping for a time of under an hour. See, I found out last night that the course was pretty challenging -- even hillier than the RFTC course at CU-ICAR, and I kind of got a little nervous. I wondered how well my "record" time of 56:26 would hold

I crossed the finish line this morning.

I. Am. So. So. So. STOKED!!!!

Now, besides the obvious, why I am so completely flippin' stoked about this? Well, yesterday at lunch, I sat down with my WW storyboard. Weight Watchers is partnering with for the Millennium Walk-Up Challenge to get us all moving and grooving more. So I sat there with my storyboard, planning to see if I could increase my average speed/time per mile. I figured a reasonable estimate was to average 3.6 MPH (for an average minutes-per-mile time of 16:40)

I managed to shave 8:05 off my best time ever. In a race that I planned to use as a gauge for the future ...... my minutes-per-mile was 15:33; my speed was 3.85 MPH.

I have to rethink my plan. AND SOON.

But in the meantime, I have two more races to gear up for within the next 4 weeks. I can't guarantee the same results, but OH, wouldn't it be sweet?????

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The next-to-last big milestone!

Last week, I needed just 0.2 to hit 225 gone...... and I lost a pound this week, for a total of 225.8 gone! WAHOO!!!!! It's my next-to-last major milestone. 45 5-pound stars. 9 magnets now.

I'm in the homestretch for real. I can't believe I'm here. Truly. I hoped, I dreamed, I planned, I wished (and all those other hopeful verbs) for this moment to come ...... but like so many things in life, all the planning and preparation cannot begin to compare to the actual moment.

I'll keep everyone posted. If I work REALLY really hard, I want to be at goal by my 3rd anniversary (May 11). 2.2 pounds to go..... 2.2 to go...... 2.2 to go. 36 ounces. 36 ounces to go. OMG. WOW!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chucking the calendar...

A few entries ago, I talked about a concept of chucking the calendar. One of our leaders-in-training mentioned this when telling her story and it resonated with me.

We often talk of "SMART goals" -- with the T usually standing for "time-based." In most goal-setting situations, that's a good thing, because you don't want to belabor a project forever. You want to see measurable progress within a certain timeframe. And in some cases, it can apply to weight loss. When I was first starting WW, I did little time-based goals -- "30 by the 31st" and "Laboring for 40" come to mind. Those were things I needed to do to stay motivated, knowing that I had a very long way to go. However, if you don't have such a long road ahead, or if you are nearing the end of the journey, is it really worth the frustration to set a time-based goal?

For example, my original plan was to hit goal by December 31, 2008. It obviously didn't happen, but it also didn't mean I threw up my hands in disgust and quit the whole thing. By this time, what was a more important factor was crossing the finish line, not worrying about the time it took. The next time frame was to have the goal finished by Easter. Well, I'm 3.2 pounds from that, sitting here on Holy Saturday. So I can pretty safely say it's not going to happen. I'd like to hit it by May 11, my 3-year anniversary. Is it possible? Yes. Is it reasonable? Mostly. Could it backfire and still not happen? Absolutely.

I'm not saying to toss out the calendar completely -- it's good to have time-goals to work on. But don't throw your hands up and quit when it doesn't happen. Another part of the SMART goals is "Reasonable." It's not unreasonable to say, "I am 25 pounds overweight, and I want to lose those 25 pounds." It is unreasonable to want to lose them in about 6 weeks. It can be done, but are you really learning what you need to succeed to keep those 25 from coming right back and bringing about 5 or 10 extra buddies you didn't want? Or is it worth more to take whatever time is necessary in order to get rid of those 25 and keep both them and their buddies from coming back to your neck of the woods!

Consider chucking the calendar -- or reviewing the calendar to see if it is truly reasonable. SMART goals are great; just make sure they're really intelligent, well-designed goals!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Quickie post, more to follow.....

I weighed in last night with a loss of 2.4 (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so that leaves just 3.2 to go. OMG. I can hardly believe it!

I mentioned in an earlier post a book on optimism called Breaking Murphy's Law. My copy just arrived, but I have been so swamped this week that I had time to open the envelope to get it out. And it's Holy Week/Easter weekend -- so my time is going to be busy with church activities. I do promise to write some additional thoughts I have sometime tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, while at Easter we do "feast with joy in the Lord," the good Lord also expects us to not neglect ourselves either. In my own faith tradition, we have the Triduum -- the three days -- from Holy Thursday evening through Easter Sunday afternoon. They are considered one event that cannot be pulled apart section by section to determine which is most important. They're all so intricately linked that they become one event. There is no Easter without Good Friday and Good Friday has no import without the resurrection at Easter. They are, if you will, two sides of the same coin. And in a strange way, so it is with our bodies and our eating habits. Yes, Easter is a special day and we do feast and enjoy -- but we also have to remember sacrifice. Do you really need that second slice of cake or that handful of jelly beans as you watch the kids find Easter eggs?

Feast with joy, sensibly!

(That wasn't my thought that I'm planning to work on tomorrow, by the way.....)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The hovering is back....

I gained 1.6 this week. I don't know how and frankly, I'm not as upset about it as I probably should be. One, I'm too drained to even begin to think about it right now, and two, I know I was on program all week and I know that I did have some non-scale victories. My pants are getting looser still, and I did some great exercising this week as well.

So there, silly scale, take that! Myeh! :-p

One thing that I did think about during tonight's meeting was that I didn't eat as much protein as I had the week before. That week, I did a lot of omelets or had a 3 oz portion of lean meat at a time. This week, lots more salad greens (very filling, but not a lot of protein) and usually no more than 2 oz of lean meat. So I guess that hurt more than I thought.

And I've been experimenting with the 35 extra points by eating 2-3 points extra each night. What I'm finding is that I'm better off NOT doing that, but instead using a larger portion of them them as one-fell-swoop -- for example, using 10-15 at a time for one meal instead of those smaller daily amounts.

So guess what? I'm simply going to keep doing what I've been doing because it's working, regardless of what the scale is telling me. And as much as I want to lose these 5.6 pounds before May 11, I will take them whenever they arrive. OOHRAH!