Friday, May 25, 2007


I lost 1.0 this week, for a total of 105.4 pounds gone in 54 weeks. I can hardly believe it!

Last week was crazy, and this one wasn't much saner. I didn't get to walk Maddox as much, and I can tell what a difference it makes. But the weekend is here, and it's a nice LONG weekend! WAHOO! We're going to spend some time outdoors and doing activities over the next few days. It's going to be great, and I'm really going to enjoy all the wonderful things I can do now -- and not be nearly as winded or tired as I was last year at this time, only about 13 pounds down. (Yeah, "only.")

Lots of my online girlfriends are recommitting themselves to weight loss. GO FOR IT!!!!! You *can* do it, and I am behind you 100%!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another good week!

A three-pound-even loss, for a total of 104.4 pounds gone. I am amazed! I didn't get to hit the gym as much as I wanted; didn't even get to walk Maddox (my dog) as much. It was such a busy week! But I am thrilled. I have certainly learned one big thing: DON'T QUESTION A LOSS!!! :-D

The weirdest thing happened at my hairdresser's last night: apparently my hair has started to go curly (okay, compared to its usual stick-straight look). And I asked about it both on my favorite messageboard and at the WW meeting tonight. Yep -- apparently all this healthy eating is having a good impact on my hair. Better nutrients - better hair and skin. Geez, we know this about our pets; why is it so hard to practice on ourselves?

Our WW meeting had lots of new folks and visitors from other meetings tonight. I got to meet a visitor, Colleen. I gave her the link to my site, so for Colleen: HANG IN THERE! You've done so well so far -- keep on rockin'!

I have a few faithful followers of the blog: for you I say THANKS!!! Your support and encouragement is so very appreciated!!!!! For everyone on this journey (be it WW, South Beach, TOPS, or whatever) --- KEEP GOING!!!

Until next time........ TA!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I have great coworkers!

Today is my one-year anniversary on Weight Watchers. A few days ago, my boss told me that our GMs wanted to do something to commemorate my 100-pound loss (now up to 101.4 with 0.2 last week and 0.8 this week). After consulting me, they decided to do a nice healthy breakfast -- bagels (with whole-grain ones for those of us who are health-conscious), a nice fruit bowl, and fruit juices.

What they DIDN'T tell me was the nice surprise they had --- a very nice picture frame, with 3 picture slots. In the first, they had my before picture (you've all seen that one). In the 2nd one, they have a picture my coworker took of me yesterday. She's been fabulous in helping me chronicle my journey (see picture below). In the 3rd section, they had a "future" picture -- they'd taken an image of a beach volleyball player and cut out my head and pasted it to it! They told me it's for inspiration!

There was also a congratulatory card signed by all my coworkers in house. And our marketing director is going to do a story about me in the next issue of the newsletter that goes to all of us, to all our vendors and resellers, and most likely to Corporate Office too (now that we have one!). I didn't cry (I thought I might), but I did thank them all for their support so far!

And here's the "present" picture: