Thursday, February 26, 2009


This past week has been rather interesting. Last Friday, I headed out for a long weekend in West Virginia (I'm still putting my travelogue out on my main blog!), and as soon as I got back, it's been non-stop meetings and demands at work (and elsewhere).

Considering that I seemed to exceed my target points EVERY day this week, and partook very willingly in the Fondue Fest on Sunday, and dipped probably pretty deeply into the weekly allowance....... nor did I get to exercise Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday ........ well, imagine how thrilled I was to lose 1.0 pounds this week!!!!! That's a total of 222.6, and I have 5.4 to go!

So this coming week, I really need to step up my exercise, and keep on better track. See, sometimes, even us "oldsters" have our moments of slackness. :-) As my former leader Debbie is fond of saying, "Sometimes you fall off the wagon, just don't let it roll over you!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another loss!!

WAHOO! I lost another 1.6 pounds this week for a total of 221.6 down (6.4 to go!).

But I surely do not recommend the Upper Respiratory Infection & Antibiotics method of losing weight. OOOH Boy. At least it wasn't the flu; I was pretty well convinced it was. Thanks to the good docs and nurses at Clemson Urgent Care, and their wonderful testing, they found it wasn't. While usually antibiotics don't give me problems, this one has one rather nasty side effect of .... er, um, how do I say this delicately? .... lower digestive distress. Yeah, that's it.

And this weekend, off to a long-awaited getaway to the wilds of West Virginia!!! I plan to eat sensibly and enjoy things while sticking to plan as well as possible. That's all I can do, and the best I can ask for!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We have a treadmill!!!

Part of the thrill of being a bargain clothes hound is that it's extended into other areas of my life. And one of those was part of my plan to shop for a gently used treadmill. I do admit to being a little on the cheap side -- I didn't want to pay more than $250 tops. And I figured that by March, both the local fishwrapper and Craigslist would be overflowing with people who tired all too quickly of their Christmas/New Year's resolutions.

I got home from work tonight and THERE IT WAS! Right in my living room!

Seems that my mother said to my daddy, "I think we ought to get a treadmill...." (I hope to God she uses it, but that's another story). Daddy, being a man of action, got out today's newspaper and found 3. The first number didn't pick up and had no answering machine. The 2nd one was only $75; like me, Daddy loves a good bargain but even he knew that low price probably spelled trouble. He called the 3rd one, which was for $250, and the guy said, "Well, I've got someone looking at it right now. If he doesn't take it, I'll call you right back." He called back in a few minutes and said, "My wife says if you come and look at it and want it, she'll take $200." Daddy said, "SOLD." They went over and got it.

It's pretty nice; it's not gym-level, but it's good for home use. I worked out on it for about 15 minutes -- I was starting to get a little tired -- and it worked really well.

So yahooOooooOooooO! I can walk in the mornings or at night when it's still chilly (next few weeks) and in the beauty of air-conditioning in the summer! (Okay, I'll probably still walk Maddox at o-dark-thirty in the summer because he's terrified of the treadmill!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inching downward...

I was pretty happy to lose my 0.4 pounds this week -- twice this week, when I'd planned to exercise at lunch, I had to run errands. I spilled coffee on myself Tuesday (don't ask), and had to run get new clothes on lunch hour. Wednesday, it was go run errands...... but the rest of the week, I did my exercise.

I had also lost another point, and did what I call "transition" ..... meaning, I used a few of my flex points for nights I just felt I needed a small snack .... never more than 2 points per night. And hey, that's why they're available anyway!

I have just 8 more to go to reach my goal, and I am just shaking my head at how close I am, and amazed at the journey. 33 months ago, this was just a fuzzy idea..... I might get to where I am someday but couldn't really picture it. Kind of like being in a fog .... I can't see exactly where the destination leads but I can see a few inches or few feet in front of me, so I have to just go there, and keep going. Some days, it really was walking on faith; believing that if I just did what I was supposed to it, it would all work out just fine. (Wow. That's kind of profound, so I'm going to hang onto that thought for a different blog and a different post).

So we keep going. I really have no idea when I'll hit the goal. I see it in sight, but as far as a time frame, I just don't know. The last few are some of the toughest to lose. I'd like to get these last 8 by Easter. 8 pounds in 8 weeks? It's possible.... not sure how probable, but it could be done. I'd like that...... so I plan to do what it takes to make the possible not only probable but reality. And if I am off by a couple of weeks, I'm off. Whoopee. Keep going!!!

HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Single digits.....

It was almost in the single digits here this morning. If I remember correctly, it was 12 degrees overnight. BRRRRR! This girl was not made for that kind of weather. But tonight, I didn't mind getting into the single digits ...... I lost 1.6 pounds last week, for a total of 219.6 gone. That leaves 8.4 to go to get to goal.

I told some of my meeting mates that I feel a little like Wile E. Coyote in the one episode where he actually caught the Road Runner. He held up a sign that said, "Now that I have him, what do I do with him?" I'm this close, and even as I've looked forward to it, I'm kind of like, "Oh wow. Uh, what's next?"

Well, what's next is............. leadership training. Yep. I am working on this step, having had my interview last week. I now will start the process of training for eventually becoming a Leader. The first step will be to learn how to be a receptionist. Gotta know the basics before you do the rest. I am really excited about this!!!!

And wow ---- 8.4 to go.