Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We have a treadmill!!!

Part of the thrill of being a bargain clothes hound is that it's extended into other areas of my life. And one of those was part of my plan to shop for a gently used treadmill. I do admit to being a little on the cheap side -- I didn't want to pay more than $250 tops. And I figured that by March, both the local fishwrapper and Craigslist would be overflowing with people who tired all too quickly of their Christmas/New Year's resolutions.

I got home from work tonight and THERE IT WAS! Right in my living room!

Seems that my mother said to my daddy, "I think we ought to get a treadmill...." (I hope to God she uses it, but that's another story). Daddy, being a man of action, got out today's newspaper and found 3. The first number didn't pick up and had no answering machine. The 2nd one was only $75; like me, Daddy loves a good bargain but even he knew that low price probably spelled trouble. He called the 3rd one, which was for $250, and the guy said, "Well, I've got someone looking at it right now. If he doesn't take it, I'll call you right back." He called back in a few minutes and said, "My wife says if you come and look at it and want it, she'll take $200." Daddy said, "SOLD." They went over and got it.

It's pretty nice; it's not gym-level, but it's good for home use. I worked out on it for about 15 minutes -- I was starting to get a little tired -- and it worked really well.

So yahooOooooOooooO! I can walk in the mornings or at night when it's still chilly (next few weeks) and in the beauty of air-conditioning in the summer! (Okay, I'll probably still walk Maddox at o-dark-thirty in the summer because he's terrified of the treadmill!)

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