Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inching downward...

I was pretty happy to lose my 0.4 pounds this week -- twice this week, when I'd planned to exercise at lunch, I had to run errands. I spilled coffee on myself Tuesday (don't ask), and had to run get new clothes on lunch hour. Wednesday, it was go run errands...... but the rest of the week, I did my exercise.

I had also lost another point, and did what I call "transition" ..... meaning, I used a few of my flex points for nights I just felt I needed a small snack .... never more than 2 points per night. And hey, that's why they're available anyway!

I have just 8 more to go to reach my goal, and I am just shaking my head at how close I am, and amazed at the journey. 33 months ago, this was just a fuzzy idea..... I might get to where I am someday but couldn't really picture it. Kind of like being in a fog .... I can't see exactly where the destination leads but I can see a few inches or few feet in front of me, so I have to just go there, and keep going. Some days, it really was walking on faith; believing that if I just did what I was supposed to it, it would all work out just fine. (Wow. That's kind of profound, so I'm going to hang onto that thought for a different blog and a different post).

So we keep going. I really have no idea when I'll hit the goal. I see it in sight, but as far as a time frame, I just don't know. The last few are some of the toughest to lose. I'd like to get these last 8 by Easter. 8 pounds in 8 weeks? It's possible.... not sure how probable, but it could be done. I'd like that...... so I plan to do what it takes to make the possible not only probable but reality. And if I am off by a couple of weeks, I'm off. Whoopee. Keep going!!!

HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spoiled Girls said...

Thank you for attending my Saturday WW meeting. You are an inspiration to me.