Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dadgum it!!!!

I am up 1.6 this week. I am at my wits' end about how to break out of this weird hover pattern that I've been in for about 6 weeks. I've been dancing around these couple of pounds, here, there, everywhere..............

So after some discussion with my leader, here's what I'm going to do: Saturday, I'm going to have a blowout meal. One meal where I enjoy whatever I want, hang the points, and then get on track and out of a rut (which was the topic of our discussion tonight).

Saturday, I had already planned to take Maddox to PetSmart for a bath. So for lunch, I will head to Sticky Fingers for some DELICIOUS barbeque (might even have ribs, yes, Lord, please!) and enjoy it to my heart's (and stomach's) content. And then that evening, back on track.

We'll see how it goes.

But note this: I am nowhere NEAR the point of giving up. I'm too close, and I have just a little to go. I cannot quit NOW. And I have no intention of stopping until I reach my goal!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going down!

It was a small loss -- 0.6 -- but it's a loss!!! I am definitely taking it!

The cool part was when I stepped on the scale this morning. I usually check myself twice a week -- Monday and Thursday mornings. Monday gives me an idea of how the weekend went, and Thursday gives me an idea of how the weigh-in may go. This morning's was really good .... by this evening, it had worked its way to the 0.6 pound loss.

Then again, we celebrated October birthdays today at Macaroni Grill. It kills me that there's only one or two dishes on there that are really points-friendly. One would think that they'd find a way to do smaller portions or to have more than just one or two dishes. But hey, it's once a year, and we got some chocolate cake to boot. The entire cake -- their regulation dessert size -- has more points than my entire daily allotment. Yow. So just one or two forkfuls is more than enough (and still packs a bit of a points wallop).

But it's a good week -- and we're moving on!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hovering pattern again....

Well, it's back..... that weird little hover pattern. I gained back the 0.2 I lost last week.

To be fair, this week was far from ordinary, and I'm grateful that the "damage" was that small. Monday wasn't bad until the evening. I got off the plane with a horrid headache -- not quite a migraine, but enough to make me nap first and THEN think food. So it was about 8:00 CT (9:00 home time) and I still hadn't eaten. I looked at a "Takeout Taxi" guide in the hotel room and I swear, reading THAT made me nauseous. There was a Friday's across the road and I honestly didn't even feel like I could make it over there. So I ate a protein meal bar in my room and felt a little better. Tuesday was a little more toward normal, and I even had time to research dinner options; we picked Friday's and I had the Key Lime Shrimp, because info that I found online -- not from Friday's, mind you -- indicated that it was 4 points.

Slight detour: I have a whole rant about companies who don't provide information for you, and yet offer things like "Healthy Fare" or "Right Portion, Right Price" (but right nutrition?). Are they that afraid that if they post it and people SEE how much they're shoveling in, it will scare them senseless? I'd much rather a corporation be honest with me and provide accurate data to help me make the best choices -- even if it means I can't eat a thing off their menu! And a HUGE round of kudos to Jason's Deli for doing that. They have a section called "Real Choices" where they list the calorie and fat content, and their website has data on every selection on the menu. Any wonder that I go there now every Thursday after the meeting? I can FEAST for about 8 points and feel like I'm getting not only my money's worth, but the best nutritional value I can.

Anyhow..... Wednesday was not so great. The morning started out fine -- good breakfast at the hotel (cereal, milk and fruit). I had more fruit at the training session, and felt really good. Then a colleague and I drove into downtown Chicago to see the sights. But by the time we got there, it was raining, and (worse) I got carsick. So we both headed back to the airport. I was getting really hungry by that point (3:00 PM), and the only place where I knew some points values? Mickey D's. How sad is that?

I got a kids' cheeseburger (which was pretty good -- hadn't had one in forever!), a fruit and walnut salad (good but 4 points?), and a Diet Coke. I finished lunch and went to my gate to wait -- it would be about another hour or so before boarding started. And naturally, with the weather, there was a delay. So with a half-hour time now stretched out another half-hour, I decided it was time for a quick dinner. Again, what to grab? Mickey D's again. The grilled chicken bacon ranch salad is 5 points, without dressing, and very flavorful. It had been quite a while since I'd had one and I had forgotten how good they were. This salad may go back into my normal rotation. Incidentally, our flight left 90 minutes late, but we arrived only 40 minutes later than planned. I could have done without the slight turbulence and the near-crash landing, but...... And the flight attendant was very nice -- didn't charge me for the drink. I think she saw my knuckles turning white when we hit that first turbulent bump.

So at weigh-in, given the weird eating schedule and the traveling and all that, I was pretty happy that it was just a slight gain. I did get in some fitness center time on Tuesday. I skipped Wednesday, thinking I'd get in lots of walking downtown (HA!) and at the airport (which we did because ... oh, did I mention that 15 minutes prior to boarding, they changed gates on us?) But all told, I'm glad to be home, and happy to be back on track for this week.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


It has been yet another crazy-busy week. I am doing everything I can to be a step or two ahead before leaving for training in Chicago next week -- and the stress is showing. I'm chomping on sugarless gum like mad .... could be worse, I could be chomping on a Snickers (relax - the thought makes my teeth ache from the sugar!)

Usually, stress means trouble for my weight. But I lost 0.2 pounds this week -- and I'm taking those 3+ ounces and claiming them! Those few ounces mean that I have lost 207.0 for my total -- and now I can concentrate on the week ahead, and making wise choices next week.

Speaking of, I'd best sign off so that I can check out the restaurants near the hotel, at O'Hare, and send an e-mail to the folks at Corporate regarding lunch during training. Maybe if I share my success story, they'll be willing to get me a nice low-cal, low-fat lunch! :)

To all my friends working it this week --- HANG IN THERE! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

**UPDATED: My Secrets**

When I was about 3 months into this process, I did a post called "My Secrets" -- it outlined what I was doing that was working (or not working) for me.

A lot has changed since then -- I've lost 170 pounds (give or take), WW revamped the way they determine points, and so much more. So this spring, I had updated the text. I just now realized I forgot to post it........

So without further ado, here is the updated list of "My Secrets":

  • Bringing snacks with you helps a lot – an apple, an orange, a Ziploc bag with baby carrots. Maybe even a bag of 100-calorie treats. Money a little tight? Buy the regular items, a box of snack-size Ziploc bags, and make your own treat packs. It will work just as well, and you can reuse the Ziploc bags!
  • Eat breakfast every day – do not skip it, at all!!! My favorite is a cup of Kashi GoLean cereal (a little more money but worth it) with a cup of skim milk and a banana – 6 points and keeps you full! Pressed for time? Scramble a half-cup of Egg Beaters – lots of protein to keep you going. Add a cup of skim milk and 1/2 cup of fruit and be on your way! Too busy for that? Go through McDonald’s and get the yogurt parfait WITH granola (with or without, it’s 3 points). Extra hint – use at least 25% of your points on breakfast. It is worth it!
  • Eat often. I have breakfast around 7:00, then a snack by 11:30. I take the late lunch (after 1), then around 4:00 is another small snack. I come home, have dinner around 7:15 or so, walk the dog, and then around 10:00 I have a final snack (usually a cup of yogurt and piece of fruit). How does eating all the time help? It keeps your blood sugar stable; it keeps you full; it keeps your metabolism working!
  • Exercise at least 5 times a week. Exercise is my hardest area, as I can be pretty dang lazy. I started out with a membership to the Y … once I got my dog, and realized he needed the exercise as much as I did, then I gave up the Y membership and started walking my dog daily. I do use weights at home – but there’s also 100+ pounds on the end of the leash too – ever tried to tug a stubborn dog out of a favorite grassy spot (or on occasion, pick him up out of it)? Bad weather? Pop in a DVD – even the libraries have them in stock, if you just want to try before you buy (or don’t want to buy!). MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!
  • Water, water, water, water and more water. Weight Watchers suggests 6 cups (48 oz) a day but I usually go beyond that. I keep a one liter bottle on my desk. I fill it in the morning and make sure that I drink it all before lunch. I treat myself to a Diet Coke at lunch. In the afternoon, I fill the liter bottle again and drink it all before going home. After walking the dog, I usually have another twenty ounces of water. There are ways to get it in – just do it!
  • Get in your fruits and veggies. I used to hate vegetables, but I found that a lot depends on how they’re prepared. Limp and dripping in butter or oil? No thanks! Crisp and tender and yummy? You got it. In the summer, I especially love grilled cut vegetables – broccoli, red onion, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, and mushrooms. I just cut them up, drizzle a little bit of olive oil over them, and put them on the grill in a non-stick wok. DELIGHTFUL!
  • Bread/carbs are not the enemy! Just pick carbohydrates that will be better for you -- aim for complex carbohydrates (higher fiber, non-refined flours, breads, sugars, etc.). Brown rice, whole wheat (or even half-whole-wheat) pastas and breads. Sweet potatoes. Higher-fiber fruits and vegetables… all of these will take longer to break down, won’t spike your blood sugar too quickly, and help provide the fiber you need to keep you fuller, longer.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. Experiment with new ingredients or new foods. Try things out to see what will work and what won't. Learn how to make good substitutions (reduced-fat for full-fat, ground turkey for ground beef, etc.). If you have a wild idea, just try it – you may find it is one of the best things you could ever do! And if you have Weight Watchers'eTools, use the Recipe Builder!!! It is the most valuable tool you could ever use!
  • BUT .... the most important thing that I have done was to put my stubbornness and iron will to make myself better – in every area of my life. Long before I even thought of joining WW, a dear friend and I had a discussion about weight loss. I mentioned all the failed diets I’d done, and that I didn't seem to have much “willpower.” She just fell out. She told me that excuse was total BS -- she'd seen the real me in action. Puzzled, I asked her to continue. She stated that when I wanted something badly enough, I usually found a way to get what I wanted, but in a non-threatening, easygoing manner. I realized then that I had lots of willpower -- and I needed to learn to tap into it. It took a few more years (and the horrible numbers I read on the scale that day) to galvanize me into action but I am SO glad I did!
And there you go.... no real secrets. Just hard work and common sense.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Feelin' good!

I had a loss of 0.8 this week -- I'm pretty happy with that! When you think about it, that's slightly over 3 sticks of butter off my body! And I am still riding the high from the Race this past weekend.

On Monday, we took Maddox for a walk, and I jogged for about a block (we were trying to catch up to my brother). I handled it better than Maddox (he got so excited, he got an upset stomach). So I think that I can safely start to add a little jogging to my walk..... just a little. I don't want to blow a knee either.

So we will see what this week brings as I make more good choices, do more activity, and see continued progress. ONWARD & UPWARD!!!