Thursday, October 09, 2008


It has been yet another crazy-busy week. I am doing everything I can to be a step or two ahead before leaving for training in Chicago next week -- and the stress is showing. I'm chomping on sugarless gum like mad .... could be worse, I could be chomping on a Snickers (relax - the thought makes my teeth ache from the sugar!)

Usually, stress means trouble for my weight. But I lost 0.2 pounds this week -- and I'm taking those 3+ ounces and claiming them! Those few ounces mean that I have lost 207.0 for my total -- and now I can concentrate on the week ahead, and making wise choices next week.

Speaking of, I'd best sign off so that I can check out the restaurants near the hotel, at O'Hare, and send an e-mail to the folks at Corporate regarding lunch during training. Maybe if I share my success story, they'll be willing to get me a nice low-cal, low-fat lunch! :)

To all my friends working it this week --- HANG IN THERE! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

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