Thursday, January 25, 2007


I lost 0.6 pounds this week -- and it puts me over 80 pounds!!!! I am at 80.2! I am very happy. I had thought I was going to lose a little more, but I'm perfectly happy with losing any at all!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

I never thought I'd love losing!!!

AH!!!!! 2.2 more pounds gone, for a total of 79.6 since May 11 (8 months and 1 week).

I never ever imagined back in May that I'd be able to do this. As my leader Debbie was saying to some of the folks leaving the 5:30 meeting, "I remember Annette's first week here. Her entire personality has changed...."

Well, yes and no. I've always had this personality, but that first night, I was so discouraged. I was literally weighed down. Weighed down by trying and failing. Weighed down by the sense that somehow it would always be this way and my window of opportunity was shrinking (even if I wasn't).

Things have blossomed and I have too. I'm really enjoying my life and the process of changing it. Even the little things are important.

If you're on this journey -- KEEP GOING!!!!! No stopping now -- you're so much closer!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I lost 3 pounds even this week, for a total of 77.4 pounds. I am very happy about that!

Yesterday morning, I was at the gym and had the choice of two empty treadmills, right next to each other. I didn't really have a preference, so I took the one a little further from the wall fan. Not that there's anything wrong with the fan, but I prefer to enjoy it from a distance. As I was finding the right song to get me into gear for my walk, the guy to my right tapped my arm. He asked, "Hey! How much weight have you lost since you started here?"

Apparently, people are noticing....... I love that!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well pooh.....

Back up 0.8 pounds. I am not sure why -- snack later than usual, water retention, new points system. Who knows? The important thing is that I know what to do to make the pounds go away and the program work. And so I shall!

Congrats to my friends Tal & Sera who have joined their local Y -- you're gonna love it! (At least I hope yours is as good as mine). The one thing I've enjoyed about the Y is that it's really a place for everyone. I was part of a gym once that started out great but then became more of a museum for saints and less a hospital for sinners (so to speak). And full of kids (16 and under) .... no thanks! The nice thing about my Y is that there are all shapes and sizes there. We're all striving for one goal: improved health. Sure there are folks over there in the free weights area doing powerlifts -- and there are others like me, over on the Nautilis machines on baby weights. No problem, no pressure. I like that.

So to everyone who is going for improvement in 2007 -- BEST OF LUCK!