Thursday, January 18, 2007

I never thought I'd love losing!!!

AH!!!!! 2.2 more pounds gone, for a total of 79.6 since May 11 (8 months and 1 week).

I never ever imagined back in May that I'd be able to do this. As my leader Debbie was saying to some of the folks leaving the 5:30 meeting, "I remember Annette's first week here. Her entire personality has changed...."

Well, yes and no. I've always had this personality, but that first night, I was so discouraged. I was literally weighed down. Weighed down by trying and failing. Weighed down by the sense that somehow it would always be this way and my window of opportunity was shrinking (even if I wasn't).

Things have blossomed and I have too. I'm really enjoying my life and the process of changing it. Even the little things are important.

If you're on this journey -- KEEP GOING!!!!! No stopping now -- you're so much closer!

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Carol said...

I can see the change in your personality through your blog entries, my dear:-)

I think the biggest change has come about from the realization that you set what seemed like an enormous goal for yourself and discovered that, yes, you CAN and ARE achieving it.

You continue to be an inspiration to me:-)