Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rollercoaster ..... of weight. (Say what?)

I had a small gain this week. Okay, let me rephrase. I had a small gain that was initially bigger.

For the last few weeks, I've kept "weigh-in clothes" in the car. I wear them long enough to weigh in, and back they go. It's a thin t-shirt and thin shorts. Today, I didn't feel much like changing clothes. So I stepped on in my regular shirt and thin khakis. The receptionist said, "Ohhhkay" (in a tone that said, "not so good"). I asked, and she said, "Up 1.6....." To which I replied, "Let me go at least put on these shorts!" It made a difference -- I was up only 0.8 (which is more livable to me).

And I'm not surprised in the least. It's been a week where my exercise was not on target, where my schedule and planning was thrown out of whack, and I wasn't surprised that the scale showed it. Okay, maybe a little muddled: I was down this morning by a good amount, but I didn't expect this much of a gain between this morning and this afternoon. There goes my theory about losing weight during the day too.

But you know, it's just incentive for me to try a little harder, to make extra sure that I fit in time for me in all this craziness that my life has become recently. Since I had more points than usual for dinner (DOH! I forgot to pack snacks today), I treated myself to a KFC Honey BBQ sandwich and some green beans. It was really good too! It wasn't Maurice's (mmmmm, Maurice's!) but the 'cue from The Coin'l wasn't all that bad.

So..... this week's plan: move more. Plan better. And love myself through it all!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Quick brag

Apologies for the drive-by posting, but I am proud to report that my brother has hit his 10% goal!!! AND did it by 3 whole pounds!!!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008


This was not a good week for activity. It seemed that either I couldn't get my sorry butt out of bed in the mornings, or it was summer-storm-season at night. So I only got in about half the activity I normally do. I still ate right --- not starving and not indulging either.

I lost 1.0 -- bringing my total to 193.2 pounds GONE.

And today, I was outside discussing something with my boss when I caught sight of myself in one of the windows. I swear, I didn't recognize myself. Maybe one of my coworkers is right about these "skinny pants" (a nice pair of pants that I must get in about 2 different sizes and 4 more colors!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, color me happy....

As faithful readers know, when I have a HUGE loss (like last week's), there's always a bounceback ... a gain that doesn't obliterate the previous week's loss but does lessen the impact.

I stepped on my home scale this morning: up 2.0 from last week. Okay, that was a bummer but not unexpected. Then I had this thought: "Hey moron, you lost nearly 6 pounds last week. Even with this, you've lost 4 in 2 weeks. That's fantastic! Enjoy the loss!!!"

I stepped on the official scale tonight. I told Gail (the receptionist) that I was expecting a bounceback, but that I was okay with it. I would take what it gave me and be happy. I stepped up, then she said, "Okay, you can step off now." I asked for the verdict. She said, "Not bad. You only gained back 0.4......"

WHAAAAAAAA? WOW! I'm thrilled!!!! I actually lost(?) weight during the day -- odd, right? Yeah! But wow! How awesome! My own philosophy is that anything within a pound is maintenance -- unless it's a loss, then it's a real loss no matter how small!

I'm happy. Pretty dang happy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Drive-by quickie update

I can't talk long; will do more this weekend. BUT -- I had to share this:

I stepped on the scale last night; I lost 5.6 pounds. That is a new total of 192.6 gone. I haven't had a loss like that in forever. I have no idea how it happened. I am not questioning it -- I am planning to accept my good fortune and pray hard that next week it doesn't show a gain of 4.8 or something like that.

And that for lunch today, I actually ate collard greens. I am Southern and just cannot abide certain typical Southern fare. Greens are one of them. I just hate greens. Always have. These were fantastic. We had lunch brought in today, and it was one of the only ways I was going to get some veggies in. They were SOOOOO good. Not in and of themselves. I'm sure they were cooked with ham bits in them. But they were still good!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rolling along downhill.....

I lost 1.2 pounds this week, putting me at a loss of 187 even. WAHOO!!!!! Now comes the tough part -- 2 months and 13 pounds to go to the weigh-in after Labor Day, when I'm aiming to be 200 down! Difficult but not impossible.

This past week, I got a note from an old college friend about a blog post on my primary blog. It was a memory of the car I drove through college and beyond. He read the post and sent a note -- and in it stated how proud he was of the job I was doing to make myself healthier. I also heard from a couple of other people, saying the same thing.

That's part of what this blog is all about -- it makes me accountable to everyone who finds this place, to the people near and far in my life who have known me at various places and stages. It's one more level of accountability that I need. If I can offer hope or inspiration to one person, to even make one small change on the road to getting healthy, then I can ask for nothing more.

Until next week, HANG IN AND HANG ON!