Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, color me happy....

As faithful readers know, when I have a HUGE loss (like last week's), there's always a bounceback ... a gain that doesn't obliterate the previous week's loss but does lessen the impact.

I stepped on my home scale this morning: up 2.0 from last week. Okay, that was a bummer but not unexpected. Then I had this thought: "Hey moron, you lost nearly 6 pounds last week. Even with this, you've lost 4 in 2 weeks. That's fantastic! Enjoy the loss!!!"

I stepped on the official scale tonight. I told Gail (the receptionist) that I was expecting a bounceback, but that I was okay with it. I would take what it gave me and be happy. I stepped up, then she said, "Okay, you can step off now." I asked for the verdict. She said, "Not bad. You only gained back 0.4......"

WHAAAAAAAA? WOW! I'm thrilled!!!! I actually lost(?) weight during the day -- odd, right? Yeah! But wow! How awesome! My own philosophy is that anything within a pound is maintenance -- unless it's a loss, then it's a real loss no matter how small!

I'm happy. Pretty dang happy!

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Kate/Susan said...

That is so great!!!! :-) Congrats! Your body is totally cooperating! WOOT