Thursday, February 26, 2009


This past week has been rather interesting. Last Friday, I headed out for a long weekend in West Virginia (I'm still putting my travelogue out on my main blog!), and as soon as I got back, it's been non-stop meetings and demands at work (and elsewhere).

Considering that I seemed to exceed my target points EVERY day this week, and partook very willingly in the Fondue Fest on Sunday, and dipped probably pretty deeply into the weekly allowance....... nor did I get to exercise Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday ........ well, imagine how thrilled I was to lose 1.0 pounds this week!!!!! That's a total of 222.6, and I have 5.4 to go!

So this coming week, I really need to step up my exercise, and keep on better track. See, sometimes, even us "oldsters" have our moments of slackness. :-) As my former leader Debbie is fond of saying, "Sometimes you fall off the wagon, just don't let it roll over you!"

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