Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another good week!

A three-pound-even loss, for a total of 104.4 pounds gone. I am amazed! I didn't get to hit the gym as much as I wanted; didn't even get to walk Maddox (my dog) as much. It was such a busy week! But I am thrilled. I have certainly learned one big thing: DON'T QUESTION A LOSS!!! :-D

The weirdest thing happened at my hairdresser's last night: apparently my hair has started to go curly (okay, compared to its usual stick-straight look). And I asked about it both on my favorite messageboard and at the WW meeting tonight. Yep -- apparently all this healthy eating is having a good impact on my hair. Better nutrients - better hair and skin. Geez, we know this about our pets; why is it so hard to practice on ourselves?

Our WW meeting had lots of new folks and visitors from other meetings tonight. I got to meet a visitor, Colleen. I gave her the link to my site, so for Colleen: HANG IN THERE! You've done so well so far -- keep on rockin'!

I have a few faithful followers of the blog: for you I say THANKS!!! Your support and encouragement is so very appreciated!!!!! For everyone on this journey (be it WW, South Beach, TOPS, or whatever) --- KEEP GOING!!!

Until next time........ TA!

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