Friday, April 10, 2009

Quickie post, more to follow.....

I weighed in last night with a loss of 2.4 (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so that leaves just 3.2 to go. OMG. I can hardly believe it!

I mentioned in an earlier post a book on optimism called Breaking Murphy's Law. My copy just arrived, but I have been so swamped this week that I had time to open the envelope to get it out. And it's Holy Week/Easter weekend -- so my time is going to be busy with church activities. I do promise to write some additional thoughts I have sometime tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, while at Easter we do "feast with joy in the Lord," the good Lord also expects us to not neglect ourselves either. In my own faith tradition, we have the Triduum -- the three days -- from Holy Thursday evening through Easter Sunday afternoon. They are considered one event that cannot be pulled apart section by section to determine which is most important. They're all so intricately linked that they become one event. There is no Easter without Good Friday and Good Friday has no import without the resurrection at Easter. They are, if you will, two sides of the same coin. And in a strange way, so it is with our bodies and our eating habits. Yes, Easter is a special day and we do feast and enjoy -- but we also have to remember sacrifice. Do you really need that second slice of cake or that handful of jelly beans as you watch the kids find Easter eggs?

Feast with joy, sensibly!

(That wasn't my thought that I'm planning to work on tomorrow, by the way.....)

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