Saturday, April 18, 2009


I took part in this morning's 5K as part of the Azalea Festival. I walked it and was just hoping for a time of under an hour. See, I found out last night that the course was pretty challenging -- even hillier than the RFTC course at CU-ICAR, and I kind of got a little nervous. I wondered how well my "record" time of 56:26 would hold

I crossed the finish line this morning.

I. Am. So. So. So. STOKED!!!!

Now, besides the obvious, why I am so completely flippin' stoked about this? Well, yesterday at lunch, I sat down with my WW storyboard. Weight Watchers is partnering with for the Millennium Walk-Up Challenge to get us all moving and grooving more. So I sat there with my storyboard, planning to see if I could increase my average speed/time per mile. I figured a reasonable estimate was to average 3.6 MPH (for an average minutes-per-mile time of 16:40)

I managed to shave 8:05 off my best time ever. In a race that I planned to use as a gauge for the future ...... my minutes-per-mile was 15:33; my speed was 3.85 MPH.

I have to rethink my plan. AND SOON.

But in the meantime, I have two more races to gear up for within the next 4 weeks. I can't guarantee the same results, but OH, wouldn't it be sweet?????

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Nancy said...

Yay! That is fantastic! You are a tremendous role model for us all.