Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Floss and the Fat Girl

TMI Warning! Turn Around Now! You Have Been Warned! Don't Say "Thanks For the Visual -- I'm Warning You Now!"

Too late!

So I went shopping yesterday, looking for new pants. I have about 3 pairs that I can wear without needing to pin them. I have a few others where I am having to safety-pin the waistband to make them fit more snugly. A few more pounds to go, and into the garage sale bag they will go. I read recently that if you've lost more than 35 pounds, forget altering a garment, so.......

I'm a fan of a couple of plus-size stores, but one is my far-and-away favorite. The others get visited when I can't find stuff at my #1 choice. So my #2 choice was visited yesterday. They had a great sale. But no pants that work for me. Most of what they had was casual to begin with -- capris, crops, cargos, leggings. None of them look good on my big ugly legs. My legs don't look any shapelier from the knee down ... just one big continuation.

But they had shirts. And undies. And there, I saw them.

A few years ago, I could have sworn I saw Just My Size make thongs. My first thought was "oh hell no! You will never get my fat rear in a thong, I don't care." Well, things have changed. Especially when they're marked down from $14 to $3. So I bought a pair or two JUST to say I have tried them. All my skinny friends swore by them......

So off I go to the Y this morning, clothes packed and 2 pairs of undies in the gym bag -- the regulation granny-panties (that I adore more than anything) and the floss. Melon-colored mesh floss. Got out of the shower and began dressing .....

12-plus hours later, they are far more comfortable than I ever imagined. I might have to make a stop again and see if they have more. I could get very used to these.

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