Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feelin' good!

Last night, there was a going-away party for my boss. A lot of my coworkers were there, as was the boss' wife (who is young, very pretty, and thin as can be). She was RAVING about my weight loss, and so were all my coworkers.

Now these are the people who see me day in and day out. They have watched the changes I've made, and have been so incredibly supportive that it's just unbelievable. And they were showing me off to their spouses and S/O's and usually like this: "Come here, come here. Okay, now tell (Name) just how much weight you've lost. Doesn't she look amazing? She is one of the most determined people I know."

And they're right.

It has taken a lot of determination, stamina, and willpower. I went into this process realizing quick fixes were never going to fix the problem. I needed a long-term solution, not an overnight miracle. People asked, "Is it hard?" And I usually reply that it's not easy but it is worthwhile.

I confess -- there are days I would love to go face-first into a deep-dish, fully-loaded, 1000-calorie-a-slice pizza. But it's just not worth it. For those same 1000 calories, I could have a true FEAST that I could never finish in one sitting. So a lot of this process is making those difficult decisions.

All the compliments make the decisions easier. All the times I step on the scale at WW and see a loss makes it worth it. Whenever I have to buy new clothes because the old ones are falling off me, you bet it's worth all those tough decisions.

I'm feeling really good right now ..... and THAT is worth everything.

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