Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh well.....

Through 3 birthday celebrations and one high school reunion, and a complete lack of time in which to walk my dog, I managed to gain back one pound even. Oh well, crap happens. We're back on track this week, and will see it on the scale (and in the clothes, and in how good I'm going to feel!)

Speaking of crap -- if you're watching points, stay away from On The Border's Tortilla Soup. The bowl (not all that big and not that deep) is 8 points. YIKES!!! I wanted something different from the usual Border Smart chicken dish I usually get, and I thought I couldn't go that badly with Tortilla Soup and a House Salad. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! It was twice the points of the chicken. Unflippinbelievable.

For a much lighter version, check out Salsarita's tortilla soup -- only 2 points per cup and tastier, too. You can get one or two tacos with it at only 3 points each (with chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion and even a few olives). Skip the chips with the soup, but it is very filling for just one taco and soup. YUM-MO!

Another not-so-recommended: Nabisco's Garden Harvest crisps. I got some samples in the mail (Vegetable Medley, Apple Cinnamon). They are only 2 points per serving, compared to the Flat Earth crisps at 3 points per ..... but tastewise, it's no contest. The Nabisco ones were more like flavored cardboard. Heavy. Hearty. And not that tasty. I'll stick with the Flat Earth crisps if I'm going this route. Besides, they have a wider variety of flavors.

That's it for this week!

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