Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not to sound like "The Facts of Life"...

but you really do "take the good, you take the bad."

The bad: apparently either last week's scales were REALLY messed up, or I had one hellaciously horrible week. I'm leaning to the scales, because there's no damn way I had that bad of a week. I stayed within points -- even with a birthday party. Turns out that according to tonight's weigh-in, I gained back most of what I lost last week. That has never happened before, and I'm not sure how it happened now. Whatever -- this is a new week, a new start, and I will lose it (and more) soon. I am truly determined to make it happen; this is only a minor development.

The good: Debbie (my leader) had gone to a regional leaders meeting, and gotten an award for having a member reach the 100-pound mark within the year. She gave it to me! So woo-hoo!!!!! I have a cool new necklace, to commemorate one of the goals I have made.

This week's challenge is to set a goal for the holidays -- whether to lose, maintain, lose inches, fit into a specific outfit. There are five weeks to go to the first January weigh-in. Five pounds in five weeks. That will get me over the 150 hump (again). I'm going to get back to some light weightlifting and get back on track walking Maddox. Even with all the stress at work, etc. this is NOT going to hold me down!

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The Vixen said...

You go girl. I know you can do it. I'm going to join you in the weight loss journey. I'll email you this week and se how you did. When's your weigh in?