Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday and today.....

Yesterday's Open House was nice. We didn't have many people, but I loved meeting the ones who were there!

Afterwards, I went shopping. Yeah, retail therapy even when you don't need it (HA!)..... I found a couple of pairs of jeans on sale, and then I went dress shopping. I have a wedding to attend in a couple of weekends, and I want to look nice! So I went off to try my luck.

I found this beautiful navy blue long sleeveless sheath. I refuse to wear sleeveless without a jacket or shawl. But this one felt so good and looked good ..... so of course I got it. There was also a pear-green short-sleeved sheath dress -- no jacket, but guess what, I have a shawl or sweater I can wear with it...... AND, AND, AND. I found a great navy blue skirtsuit. I have plenty of pantsuits. Hillary Clinton has nothing on me (HAAA!), but not many skirt-sets. I don't usually wear skirts much; from years of the huge legs, I have always hated wearing them. But I figure I can now, and so I will. I'm packing all three for the wedding..... now to get SHOES!!! I have navy flats, but they're way too big. So navy pumps or slingbacks, I figure.

So often I focus way too much with the numbers on the scale. But being able to fit into clothing well and love the way I look is a far better gauge!!!

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