Saturday, February 13, 2010

When going uphill is a good thing.

In this week's weigh-in, I was back down by a couple of pounds...... WHEW!!! We're getting there and by next month's weigh-in, I have EVERY intention of being at a reasonable number. This number was anything but reasonable!

With that in mind, however, I have also made a decision. As much as I fought the idea, I need to change my final goal weight to bump it upward by a couple of pounds. Since the end of last March, I have been dancing all around this number anyway. It has been quite a struggle to try to get to and stay at my original final goal weight. My doctor had suggested this number, and probably because it was a nice round number. Figures that end in "0" or "5" do make things so much easier sometimes. But this is not one of those times. It is like my body has said, "No, that number does not work for me. And stop trying to make it work for you."

Am I bummed? A little, but at the same time, my body is obviously trying to say something to me, and I've been far too stubborn to pay attention. In some ways it is disheartening. I know it is not a failure on my part, but it makes me wonder if there was something I could have done differently. What am I doing incorrectly -- or is there anything? As time has gone on, I don't see where I could have done anything else..... I'm watching what I eat, I'm exercising like a madwoman. My leader and I have discussed that perhaps I'm not eating enough, but whenever I do increase the daily points to compensate, I gain. So I have no idea how to make this whole thing work, other than to do this -- if for no other reason than my own sanity.


Today will be the 2nd of our Open House weekends, and I am so excited!!!! I can't wait to share my story -- my triumphs and troubles along the way.

Years ago, when I had my first exposure to one aspect of HR work, I was given a book called What Color Is Your Parachute? (It's a job-seeking classic, but is so much more than just "so what kind of work am I cut out for?"). One of the assignments in this book was to really examine yourself, your values, and come up with a mission statement for your life: what is it that you are truly meant to do? Well, being young and not totally sure of what I was going to do that day (let alone my life) ........ even after all that soul-searching, my mission statement ended up as this generic, vague "to help people, no matter what job I'm doing."

I've been thinking an awful lot about this lately. And I know that with my work for WW, I am doing my best to help others. I hope that I can continue to grow and develop this area of my life in order to keep working to help others.

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