Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another stick of butter...

I lost 0.2 pounds this week. It's a first .... first time I went to Savannah and didn't lose a massive amount of weight. No, but I had a great time!

Every 0.2 pounds is roughly another stick of butter gone from my body. I will take it. Can you imagine what even that little amount of weight looks like on your body? I can, and that's why I'm glad for that.

I lost another point this week. The 0.2 was just enough to put me over, AND the fact that in 5 days, I'll turn 38 -- the dividing line on the points quiz between points for age. Yep .... 21-37 and 38-(whatever). Does one year make all that much difference? Apparently so.

So this week, I plug along. More walking for Maddox (who is also on a weight control program -- poor baby!) and me too. I'm excited about it!

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owensmomma said...

Congratulations!!! Very inspiring!