Thursday, September 20, 2007

This week's random thoughts.

  • I lost another 1.4 for a total loss now of 136.8 --- so doggone close to a round number! That's cool -- I'll take every loss I get!!!
  • One of the ladies in my group, who started last July, got to Lifetime tonight. I am SO very proud of Rose -- she brought in her "before" picture, and I honestly don't remember her looking like that. She's always been small to me! She lost 82.6 pounds to reach her goal and maintain it -- WAHOO!!!!!!
  • This week, I caught a shadow in the hallway -- the light was coming in from the employee entrance onto the wall of the mailroom. It took me a second to realize it was my own shadow I was looking at. It's smaller than it used to be, and that just thrills me to no end!
  • It's pants buying time again. My ideal pair would cover my hips without calling attention to the fact that I have no butt. Yes, my butt is mostly flat. There's a small bump there, but not proportionate to the hips, or the still-large abdomen. I'm thinking I just need to find myself a competent yet relatively inexpensive seamstress/tailor and avail myself of her/his services.

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Ashley said...

Hey Caro! Haven't read your blog in a while and just wanted to drop by and say congrats on another loss. You rock, as always!