Saturday, February 03, 2007

Slow and steady...

Slow and steady goes the race, as does the pace of the weight loss. Not that I mind, by the way. I lost 2.8 more this week for a total of 83.0 pounds. I weighed in this morning, since Thursday was spent at home (a snow day!).

Some weeks it's more, some it's less. This was a strange week. One day, I completely overshot my points. Not only used my activity points earned that day -- something I rarely do -- but ended up using some flex points as well. It didn't matter. I'm wondering if my body said, "Oh, thank you! Thank you! I appreciate the food -- and I will reward you accordingly!"

Oddly enough, I got all psyched up afterwards to go walking. So I did -- drove over to the track at the high school (I figured a little local stuff wouldn't hurt), but the stadium was closed. It's hardly ever closed. I haven't tried the new walking track at the city park, but I figured I'd just drive on to the Y. Halfway there, I remembered something about Open House. The place was packed -- but not for Open House (that's later tonight). No, it was Kids' Basketball League. The place was crawling with kids and parents and grandparents. The fitness center was not totally full, but close enough. I got an open treadmill and stayed there for the allotted time. I wasn't even about to try the weights today -- too many people!

Still, I'm proud that I chose to celebrate by doing something good for myself -- not saying, "Oh I've been SOOO good, now I want a doughnut" (or some other equally bad-for-me item). That is a big accomplishment for me -- not only not using food as a reward but actually doing exercise as a reward.

What a concept; might have to try this more often.

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