Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fitness Assessment today

The Y has a program called Wellness Works, and part of that is that you have periodic fitness assessments. They take your measurements, and you do various physical things and they evaluate where you are.

I had my first assessment at the end of September, and was supposed to have another at the end of December. Between my evaluator leaving and the holidays, I wasn't able to reschedule until today.

My measurements were very improved. My chest -- 6 inches down. My waist -- 5 inches. My hips -- about 2 inches (which she told me wouldn't go down so fast anyway). I'm thrilled altogether with those results. And they weighed me as part of it -- I'd lost another pound since Thursday night! WAHOO!

On the fitness assessments, I had good improvement (or maintained) in all areas. On one of the assessments -- where I have to sit on the edge of a chair and go up and down as often as possible in 30 seconds, I had an over 100% improvement. As things continue to improve, the assessments I will be asked to do will change too. That's fine -- I expect that. I actually will look forward to that time.

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