Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why I did it.

Why did I join Weight Watchers? Specifically, what was it about Thursday, May 11 that caused me to do it?

Nothing. It was just the cosmic tumblers clicking together, the universe coming to a focus point, and a "lightbulb moment" that made me not drive past it but stop in. Just a little voice that said, "Now is right." No overtures, no orchestra, or trumpet blasts. Just "now" ..... only this, and nothing more.

I have dieted since 9 years old. It was the hamburger patty/citrus diet. My mother packed my lunch each day for a week with a hamburger patty (or chicken patty) for lunch, and all the citrus fruits I could want. It was a horrid, miserable diet (where she found it, I have no idea). And I have spoken the language of diet as well as anyone. It's been an undercurrent of my language since childhood. My mother was/is always on a diet. My brother is/was usually on a diet. My dad was the only one who seemingly never had to diet (but probably needs to, now).

So how did I get to where I was? I have no clue.

Where do I hope to go? I have no idea. I have no "ultimate goal" yet. I have a faint inkling of where I'd like it to end. But right now, I just want to concentrate on goal 1: 20 pounds. That's all.

Scared? Petrified. Confident? Naturally. Oxymorons? Perhaps...... but I am a jumble of emotions, but the good ones are winning out.

Lots of wonderful encouraging comments from my Queenly buddies are helping me along the way. I can do this. I am a Carolina girl, from stubborn stock and hardy people. I am no shrinking violet. I am no wallflower. I am up to the task.


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Kitty said...

Wow, you must be so proud of yourself!
Weight Watchers is such a good way to lose weight. I will probably come back to read your progressions.
Good luck from Holland: Kitty