Thursday, May 18, 2006

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Holy Crap!!!!!

I lost 12.2 pounds this week.

First off, that made me wonder what in Hades was going on with me last week -- with my body, or with the scale. But they have said that all the scales are calibrated each week. So.......

I honestly believe that some of last week's weight was the weight of defeat -- that sense of "I have no other choice." Timidity. Perhaps even a little depression. Literally weighing me down. This week, confidence, excitement -- and healthy choices -- have definitely lightened my load.

12.2 -- can it be real? I've gone back and checked several times to be sure. 12.2 ... 12.2. I have lost a small Thanksgiving turkey -- enough ground beef for 2-3 pots of chili -- a 6-month-old child. But what I have gained cannot be measured.

I am amazed. Proud. Humbled. Shocked. Thrilled beyond belief. Cautious, because I know this was a rare week. But glad.

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