Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Survived my first big temptation!

A coworker of mine got married this weekend. The scary part of being on a ... food plan ... is dealing with things when you don't know the points value, or any of the nutritional information in order to find the points.

I knew the value of one item. But no idea of the serving size offered by the serving spoon. Now I had plenty of points left for the afternoon/evening, but I really wanted to do everything just right. So I was a good girl and skipped the barbeque, the baked beans, and the coleslaw. In fact, skipped everything right on to the grocery store. I could have had those 8 points just for the barbeque, and God knows how much for the other, and dipped into those 35 "splurge" points each week. But I didn't.

And I am so proud of myself for doing so! Two more days until the weigh-in. I know it won't be 12 pounds again -- but believe me, I will be happy with 2-3 pounds!

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