Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dear Universe,

This week, I decided that I was important.

Okay, allow me to rephrase a little. I decided that I was important enough to stop letting other people and other forces to control my time and energy. I'm not sure how I managed to cede that power over to them, but it doesn't matter, really. What matters is that I take it back.

So the haphazard, harried nature that my life has become must now cease. Tombstoning it, baby. A little more order is in order. A little more control over my choices, my time, my energies, with just enough flexibility for those little curveballs you're so fond of zinging toward me.

I decide what. I decide when. I decide where, who, why, how. Some of those elements may not be within my power to control, but I'm claiming the ones that are possible within a particular situation.

It is time for me to reclaim my life. For the last year, it's been everyone else's schedule -- when they can fit me in, or when I can squeeze in a moment for this that or the other. No. This has to stop.

Like the song says, my soul's been in the lost and found .......  but I'm here to get it back. I'm the only one who knows its value anyway, so I'm the only one who has say over it.

Yeah. I'm worth it.

And now time to put another little prayer out to the Universe -- for everyone else who's in the same situation, feeling lost and unfocused and out-of-sorts. Let's all mosey over to L&F and get ourselves back.


Shawn said...

This very much echos what I'm going through right now - trying to find me again amongst all the other Me's I created to please other people.

nettiemac said...

Yes, and it's so hard when you feel like you're going to let people down if they see the real you..... but it's very worthwhile!