Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's that saying about pride and a fall....

because holy Moses, according to the scale, I not only fell from Grace, but probably on her as well. It said I had gained back everything.

Okay, whatev. I am choosing not to believe the scale.

Did I do everything right? No..... primarily in that while the week before was Shark Week, this was Manatee Week (as in water-retaining sea cow, thank you Jeff Foxworthy!) I didn't always make the best choice in that I ate more processed food than I should have. Worst was when I made a great recipe with a higher-sodium ingredient that I normally would have. And while there's no pressing physical or medical need for me to control my sodium (hypertension, etc.), the cardiac history in my families is enough to make me try to watch it as much as possible..... that and one of my meds might lead to retention. Que sera, sera.

But I'm more proud of my non-scale victories, of the things I did right. I worked out. I tracked every day, including the times I went into the weekly points allowance. I paid myself for my workouts. I even got up early to go work out (and today's after-work gym trip was a great reminder of why I should go in the mornings). Yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of all that!

So this week, it comes right back off....again. And I'm never going to stop trying to do my best. I know now what to look for, and will make sure that I watch myself a little more carefully. That's all I can do.... and I'm worth it!

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