Sunday, April 18, 2010

Supplements, shopping, and working out

Okay, first....................... Some exciting news to report on the WW scene: a new location for our Clemson & Seneca area meetings!! Join us at the Heritage Point (a/k/a "Bloom") Shopping Center, on Highway 123 between Clemson & Seneca. We're actually right next to the Chinese restaurant in the center. If you live in the area, and you're interested in meetings at this location, just go to -- type in your zip code and look for the "Heritage Point" location in Seneca.

After moving the East Clemson meeting's inventory and paperwork over, we started unpacking the Seneca paperwork and inventory. However, I had to take off before everything was finished -- I had an appointment in Travelers Rest yesterday afternoon. When that was finished, I headed to Vitamin Shoppe, since I knew they were having a sale. And I wanted to look into a few things.

I don't know everything there is to know about nutrition, and especially performance nutrition. I still don't really think of myself as an athlete either -- I mean, really, there are people out there training for marathons and such, and here I am just doing 3x a week workouts. But I'm also a long way from the days of 30 minutes on a treadmill and being drenched at that. I know that I need some good quality protein after a workout, and I'm so tired of going into drugstores or even the grocery stores, and seeing these 300- and 400-calorie monstrosities that offer 30+g of protein, protein, protein (in your mind, you really need to be hearing that as the dragway ads about "Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!!!!"). I don't even want the 150- to 200-calorie bars. I only have so many points each day to spare. Yes, I know I have 35 points a week, but do I really want to use them on this? I'm sorry, but I remember all too well the days when I was much heavier, and would choke down Powerbars and MetRX (a/k/a Sawdust) and thinking I was doing myself some good .... and now shuddering thinking at the calories I was putting in and not using. Even using them today, I'm very wary. 3 or 4 points is just more than I'm willing to invest right now.

A while back, I bought some Biggest Loser Whey Protein stuff -- 50 calories and I think 5 gr of fiber, not to mention good protein. Enough that it was either zero or 1 point .... but EGAD!!! You're supposed to mix it with 5 oz of water per the directions. Quite honestly, it would taste much better with 2 oz. of water as a paste. There is NO taste with it in 5 oz of water. I'm better off mixing it into a 20-ounce diet Coke and at least getting a little vanilla taste in that! YUCK!

I also found that so many of these protein powders do not have any fiber. Really? Why? The only thing I can even think of is that if you're training for a marathon and you've had a protein shake just before training, you really don't want to be 10 miles into the run and.... um, how to say it delicately -- give "run" another definition. But I would prefer a little more fiber.... some of the better protein powders are still 2 points (just for the scoop of protein, doesn't count if you're mixing it in milk! Ugh.....) One more tangent: really, do I need or want 5-pound vats of this stuff? What if I hate it? Not only do I have a buttload of stuff I don't want, but I'm out $50 (on average). How about sample packets, or maybe some smaller containers, like 16 oz, or 24 oz?

Anyway, I found some (on clearance - yahoo! - and a small container, even more yahoo!!), and I'm going to try it as something to have for a quick post-workout boost. But honestly, you know what works just as well, for about $2.50 per carton? Egg beaters: 12 g of protein for a half-cup. Perfect amount for an omelet, and it's still just one point. And I can chew it!!!

Oh, one last thing: all this stuff does is make me want to go get a degree in nutrition or dietetics and one in exercise physiology or kinesiology. I want to know how it ALLLLLL works together. Why wasn't I this interested back when I was in college the first time??? Youth really is wasted on the young, isn't it? (HA!)

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