Friday, April 09, 2010

Injury on the field!!!

Quatro-Cero reporting in again..... Wednesday night, I did a nice workout at the gym. I had a few extra minutes, so I proceeded to do a new type of squat (okay, new to me) .... you know, just to get some in. With this move, you hold a dumbbell by one end and do a squat holding the weight. Easy enough, right?


That was the sound my left hip area made; at least I think it was just the hip bone popping (hard to hear when the Crue is playing in your headset). And something was definitely not feeling good in the left groin. Yeah, I think I have strained it. I put an ice pack on it when I went to bed that night, and I woke up Thursday morning hobbling a bit.

Getting in and out of my car was an adventure, too. Most mornings I have my purse, my tote, my lunchbag, and some mornings, my gym gear too. Yesterday morning, it was just the purse and lunchkit, and still.........

This morning, much better.


And I made my first weekly meeting in a long time. Holy mackerel, was it nice to get back into the routine and rhythm. I truly miss my meetings. I mean, yes, I get to hear the weekly topic at the meetings where I work, but my mind is occupied there with the business of work. At my regular weekly meeting, I just get to sit back and listen. I guess the best analogy is when you do lay ministry at church -- whenever it's your turn to be the minister, you're a little more preoccupied with the timing and flow of how the service goes, as opposed to the times when you're there and not serving .... you can be a little more present to what's being said and being ministered to, instead of focusing on how you are going to minister. Does that make sense? Same with my weekly meeting -- that's my time to be taught, to share, to enjoy. For the meetings I work, I'm there to focus more on the job.


Next week, I am having a body composition analysis done! I can't wait!!! I promise to share the findings as soon as I know. I'm definitely interested in learning more about my body and how it's made up!

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