Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's almost here......

Not Christmas. Okay, yes, it is almost here, but that's not exactly what this is about.

I went to weigh in today at the noon meeting, since our center will be closed after that meeting until Friday. I stepped on the scale, and I am four pounds down from last week. FOUR. Okay, big whoop, right? Well, yeah. I haven't had a four-pound loss in forever, so YES, it is a big deal.

But this means I have ten pounds to go to hit goal. Ten. Ten. Ten. Ten.

I have to let it sink in.

I never in my wildest imagination pictured myself at this point when I started out. Seriously, when I started out, I had no idea where it would all lead, or if I would have the courage and determination to continue. The earliest successes led me to believe that yes, I could do this. But I had so much weight to lose that I really couldn't picture the final "Winning Outcome" (wink!). It was only by looking piece by piece, five pounds by five pounds (or ten by ten), that I could do it. Knowing that I probably should lose X amount was always in the back of my mind ..... but to actually imagine it? I couldn't -- certainly not at first.

And now? There are days I still can't believe it's real. Yes, I have photographic proof of all the success along the way, and God knows I have the clothing from both ends of the spectrum to prove it. And I see the numbers on the scale that tell me this.

People tell me I'm more outgoing, more confident -- and maybe to some small degree that's the case. I've never been a shrinking violet by any stretch, nor have I ever minded the spotlight. Yes, Sam, a ham, I am. But there does seem to be a little more boldness that was perhaps lurking underneath.

Ten. Wow. Ten. I'm still in awe. So my plan for the holidays and into next week (when the center will be closed for New Year's)? Same as it ever was: to do exactly what I do every other day of the week. Eat right, get in some activity if at all possible, and enjoy life. To use the tools at my disposal to have a good day, a good week, a good life. And if a small setback happens, I know how to get back on track -- and I will.


Talmadge Gleck said...


You are an inspiration in more ways than any of us can say.

I can say my wife inspired me to start down this new path, however where did SHE get HER cue?

It all comes back to you.

My shrinking frame, plummeting blood pressure and higher energy level is because you've blazed the trail.

Thank you.

Nancy said...

Wow. Just Wow.
Merry Christmas to a wonderful inspiration!
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Celia said...

OH MY GAWD! You rock so hard!

LMHDesigns said...


You came up on BC today :D Ten pounds ain't NUTHIN! You'll get that knocked out in no time!