Thursday, December 04, 2008

Rolling along...

Well, color me tickled pink and happy!!! I lost 3.0 this week for a total of 213.4 ..... that's only 14.6 to go to get to goal! WHOOPEE!!!!!! I am pretty psyched about that, and kind of scared too. I almost feel a little like Wile E. Coyote: "Now that I have him, what do I do with him?"

There was a really neat moment this past week. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were not conducive at all for walking -- it rained most of the weekend, and Monday evening, I had a hair appointment. So Tuesday, I was ready. I came home, and I didn't care how cold it was, or how long it would take or any of that -- I. Had. To. Walk. And Soon. I layered up, hit the trail and walked around town. I did my two-plus miles in just under 40 minutes. I never imagined just a few short years ago that I would ever enjoy walking and be dying to do it.... ME? I hated exercise.

There's still some types of exercise that I don't like. Aerobic classes? No. I enjoy solitude when exercising way too much. I don't mind walking with my dad and the dog or with the rest of the family. So for the cold weather when walking just is not an option, I have to find something. Either that, or buy a used treadmill after the first of the year!


Kate/Susan said...

There's always mall walking with the old people :-)

Great job!!! Imagine being so close to goal. Wow, proud of you!

The House of Newton said...

Annette, Look into a water fitness class!!!!! They are great and increase your flexability. Check out your local Y. Call me I can tell you more about them. I have been teaching them for 3 years.