Friday, January 29, 2010

It's A Mystery!

Years ago, I met Jerry as part of a ministry team at my parish. Whenever there was a question he couldn't answer or it really was a religious puzzle, he'd throw his palms up, shrug and say, "It's a mystery!" It became a running gag after a while, and even years after he moved out of state, the rest of us would laugh and say, "It's a mystery!"

I thought of that this week........ it's one of those times when I'm doing everything I'm supposed to be doing. I'm watching what I eat, having an occasional indulgence too, exercising (read: working my @$$ off!) ...... and the scale is going in the wrong direction -- incrementally but WRONG. It is indeed a mystery!!!

Of the 35 extra weekly points, I used 11 throughout the week --- usually 2-3 here or there a couple of times during the week. However, I earned 18 activity points this week -- so it's like I never touched the 35 and came out 7 points ahead. I changed up my workout timing routine to something I think is more manageable, and it's frustrating not to have the results show up just yet. One thing I have discovered through this whole process is that if I'm going to use any of the 35 points, I have to do it in one big WHOMP! -- a blowout meal, if you like. Using 2-3 a day doesn't work for me. It's like my body will forgive the one big thing far easier than the little ones. Go figure.....

So I am going to just keep plugging along. If I have a "bad" weigh-in this month, so be it. All through this process, whenever this has happened and I've had a setback, it has become personal. And once again, this is personal. I am NOT, repeat: NOT, going to allow a mere 2 pounds to beat me. Oh no, no, no. I am going to take this weekend to de-stress -- I am convinced that stress adds weight. Emotions add weight. All the intangibles do make a tangible difference.

I'll report my findings next week....... Count on it!

Oh, and the "more protein" thing does seem to be working very well for me. I had good portions of fish for lunch two days this week, and I did find that come my normal afternoon snack time, I wasn't as hungry as usual.... in fact one day, I ate ONLY because I had to eat something or go until 9:30 or so (once choir was over). It does make a difference for me -- your mileage may vary!


This week's PSA: If you are a fan of Starbucks, have you tried the Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte? I stopped by there yesterday morning to use a gift card I'd gotten earlier and got one. And then, one of my coworkers stopped this morning and got us all coffee and got me one again. It's 90 calories for the tall (12 oz), and 60 cal for the short (8 oz)! Of course, the grande and venti's are definitely higher. Since I'm not a huge fan of their products, the short and tall work just fine for me. They also have a skinny vanilla dolce latte, same stats. I may try that next........ all for you, my loyal readers. I know, it's a tough job.

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