Friday, January 15, 2010

The Great Experiment ... again.

I did a courtesy weigh-in last night -- WHEW! Just where I was 2 weeks ago. But then.......

My Thursday treat is that after the meetings, I go to the Jason's Deli there in the same shopping center. I purely love their salad bar, and they have a great half-sandwich deal. In the winter, I'll add a cup of soup to go along. So I ended up at the salad bar (just veggies, no cheese, no meats, no pre-prepared pasta or other types of salads..... and their fat-free Italian which is SUPER!), with my cup of vegetarian vegetable, and what was supposed to be a half-turkey wrap. The cashier put it in as a half-veggie wrap -- but hey, that's okay.

Well.... I sure could have used the protein, and had I realized sooner that it was a veggie wrap, I'd have gotten a hard-boiled egg from the salad bar. Folks, if you don't think protein -- even an ounce or two -- makes a difference, tell that to the 6 or 7 points I consumed between 10 and 11 PM. I was completely ravenous and all carb-craving. The really truly sad part is that we had just discussed "food satisfaction" as the meeting topic. You would think I've been doing this long enough to know better; I do far better when I get enough good protein in my eating plan. My daily breakfast has a good bit of soy protein, and I try really hard to get some in at lunch. But I admit I don't always do too well with the evening meal. I've got to do better at balancing it out throughout the day.

For lunch today, I decided to go out and forgo my usual Friday fare (Subway). I was really torn between going to the Whole Foods hot bar, and Bucky's BBQ. Being a true daughter of the South, Bucky's won out. I could never be vegetarian or kosher ..... I cannot give up the pig. I have eaten enough poultry until I could cluck and enough fish to swim, but do not ask me to abandon the swine. Ain't happening.

I got the "light plate" .... oh good heavens. If that's "light" I will never be able to eat the regular! I could have eaten two-thirds, but I was satisfied with half. (Ooh! There's that word again....). For the sides, I had green beans (with enough ham/pork in it that I needed to count it as one point), and a great cucumber/tomato/onion salad in a vinaigrette. I KNOW that had zero points but it was really, really, really good. No bread. And you know something?

I'm good. I still had afternoon snack because I worked out before going home tonight, but I wasn't absolutely starving for it. Now most nights after a workout, I usually just do a quick omelet, but I had some fantastic Turkey Chili left over from last weekend. It was still good, and definitely fiber- and protein-packed (with 4 cans of beans, it better be......). Yeah, I just double-checked: 8 g fiber and 16 g protein in a one-cup serving. I also had a salad, a couple of Wasa light crisp flatbreads, and even a little mini-bar dessert (from Weight Watchers). MMMMM. And just enough points for a WW smoothie to wrap up the night.

So this week, my challenge is not only to work on more Filling Foods (Week 2 of the 10-Week Momentum Challenge), I'm going to make doggone sure I get in the protein I need. Not cutting out the carbs, just choosing the better ones. Hmm.... think it'll work?

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