Saturday, January 30, 2010

Food and Headache Blues

I wrote yesterday's post on my lunch hour at work. It was a nice healthy lunch -- a nice low-point Lean Cuisine, paired with some extra veggies from home. I even skipped snack that morning, because of the skinny latte my coworker brought me. About 45 minutes after I typed my post, I was filling in at the reception desk when...


Headache. Another migraine. Mine are weird enough as it is -- I can feel the dang headache progress to about a 4-on-a-10-scale (see my Jan 11 post), and that's it. Same thing yesterday ....... it came on very suddenly and just threw me for a loop. I was able to go until 4:00, took care of some things I needed to do, and then left early. I hate that, more than you know. I hate the feeling of being out of control of my own body. I made my way home and slept for nearly 3 hours.

On the way home, I delved into my snack stash from my lunch bag -- I was thinking that maybe even with lunch, something wasn't right and food might solve it. Yeah, back to some old bad habits and thoughts; whenever I had headaches as a kid, the first thing my mom would usually ask was, "Maybe you're hungry?" Anyway, after I slept off the low-level nausea and throbbing temples, I awoke, hungry again and ate. The gym had been in my plans for last night but even I know better than to try to exercise with one of these headaches ..... especially when you've just gotten it calmed down and under control. I had a few more points than I planned yesterday. I need to come up with contingency plans for a headache, but hey that's why there are 35 extra points, right?

And today, I had already decided I was having a blowout meal..... which I have. Don't even ask. I'm already over my daily POINTS target. Tasty, yes -- something I do often, not even close. Worth it? Meh... who knows? If it gets my metabolism fired up then I'm all for it. But really, this close to weigh-in?

It must stop now. I mean, right now. As in the very next meal. I have some chicken-breast-BBQ in the slow cooker for tomorrow's lunch, and I made it as healthily as possible. Tonight, I am back on the straight and narrow. A grilled chicken salad, some green beans, or maybe even just some of the zero-point soup, some toast, and a salad. Anything to snap me back to where I need to be.

The indulgence has been nice but no more. And I will have to do some sort of workout tonight, even if it's a videotape here at home. Back to drill-sergeant mode.

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