Thursday, January 07, 2010

And Our Starting Quarterback.... Quatro-Cero!

Yep -- I am now off injured reserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Went back to the doctor's and got clearance to exercise, and I don't have to see them for another year! I'm so glad I have another ally in managing my lymphedema.

I am THRILLED to finally have a chance to get back to the gym, or at least even set up the treadmill at home.... Oh Lord! I will most likely stop in tomorrow night on the way home from work. I did a courtesy weigh-in tonight...... can you believe a whole pound lower than Saturday? DANG!!! I shoulda waited!

To all new WW members, WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!! To all those who are starting over, WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!! And special congrats to Sally, one of my fellow Thursday @ 7 members -- she hit Lifetime tonight, even after the holidays!! Fantastic job!!!!

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