Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hanging in....

There isn't much to report. I've been monitoring my weight this month, and so far, so good -- I'm still within my 2-pound range, so I'm happy about that! This is birthday weekend -- dinner tomorrow night with the family, a benefit 5K on Saturday morning (for JDRF: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), shopping with Mom Saturday afternoon, church Sunday, and then my godson's birthday party on Sunday. I know it's going to be a wacky weekend, so I have to step up the exercise next week to help compensate. I miss the biking.... seriously! So I'm going to work on even more of that.

I'm working with several of my medical team .... ha, I have to laugh at the idea of a medical team.... to figure out just how the heck to get insurance to see that carrying around 30 extra pounds of flab is not healthy and I gotta get rid of it and I'd love them to kick in. Don't get me started. I am on a tear about the SORRY state of things when insurance doesn't want to pony up a discount or an incentive to get healthy, but they'll (expletive deleted) pay for your heart attack after you've bellied up to the buffet a few million times too often. Oh God, I could go on forever, so I had best shut up now.

And if you're looking for pretty decent workout gear at a good price, check out Danskin Now available at (are you ready?) Wal-Mart. And that includes the moisture-wicking stuff. I had a Wal-Mart gift card that I finally got around to using, and bought myself a new long-sleeve tee and pants for the fall/winter. WAHOO!!!! The whole thing was about $18 -- and the shirt was only $6.00!!!! Worth checking out! No, you don't need fancy workout gear for exercise...... but trust me. Work out a few times in a 100% cotton shirt and then work out in a moisture-wicking shirt a few times. Guess which will feel better. At least for me, it does........ A good price, folks! You can't pass it up!

Oh, and later I will share my adventures in cooking apple butter...... :D (It's SOOOO good!)

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