Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something about pride and a fall?

Okay, obviously, I am not at my WW meeting; nor am I at the Peace Center for the PostSecret event as I had planned. I am at home, trying to get my bearings, having been hit by a freight train. I don't know if the name of the train was "Seasonal Allergies," "Common Cold," or "Reaction to Flu Shot." But let me tell you -- whichever it is, it's a lulu.

Around Tuesday afternoon, I started feeling the familiar stuffiness (but that's a given), alternating with a runny nose, and a scratchy throat. That's usually an allergy thing for me, and I didn't feel exceptionally rundown like I would with a cold. That was in my favor. I was scheduled for a flu shot on Wednesday at work, and I read the CDC Q&A that the clinic provided -- mild illnesses were okay. I felt the sting of the needle and the slight burning that I was told to expect. But nothing else.

Until noon today. I ate my usual morning snack, a little later than usual. By noon, my stomach was churning, I felt absolutely queasy, and within a short time frame, my body was sending definite signals that I was not long for the work world this day. By 1:00, I knew the only place I would be going was home. After finishing up some necessary things at work, I got home by about 2:10 -- straight to bed, where I do not recall anything else until I looked at the clock and it said "5:13." Okay, one thing, I remember my dog coming in to sniff in my ear on his way out to potty.

I got up and I was hungry. It wasn't just Hungry, the orange monster from the WW ads on TV. It was HUNGRY, his older brother. Well, why not? I'd had no lunch. I'd only eaten 7 points all day. And in this one large meal, I planned to eradicate about 10 of them............. right? Wrong. The sweet potato I had cooked last week (maybe the week before? I lose track of when....) was still well cooked but obviously lost a lot of flavor along the way. I mean, completely, totally tasteless. No sweet, no sour, no NOTHING. So into le garbage it went, along with the leftover Greek food for which I now had no stomach at all.

I hate, absolutely hate, to waste food -- I have learned to waste food (so to speak) and allow myself the luxury of ordering something, and being able to say, "I can't eat it all; yes, I'm done, take it away" or "I'll need a to-go box." But when I've cooked it myself and I know all the work that's gone into it........ that's different. Such is life, though. I substituted some green beans, red cabbage, and roasted white potatoes that I had. They were good -- but that gave me back 3 points I didn't expect. I don't like gorging late at night just to eat up points, you know!!!

I'm really hoping I will feel good enough to go in tomorrow, weigh in on the way to work, and be all set for October. This morning, when I stepped on the scale to check, I was under that 2-pound limit. Oh Lord, please let it be so tomorrow morning. I don't feel like exercising tomorrow like a madwoman just to hit a goal................. I also have a feeling I will be doing some extra sleeping over the weekend.


Talmadge Gleck said...

Sending lots of wellness vibes your way.

And I'll be like a "mad man" after I get back. 75 was mine for a week ... and I'll get that bastard again. So there.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Thrilled to find another upstate area-blogger--thanks so much for stopping by!

Try some Ashwagandha (herb) and feel better. :)