Friday, October 02, 2009

Huge, huge sigh of relief....

After yesterday's disastrous day, I weighed in this morning at my usual center. I wasn't sure what to expect. I hopped on the scale at home before eating breakfast -- below goal, so I realized I could eat and still be within my Lifetime threshold. I stepped on the scale at the center, and there it was: only 0.2 pounds above real goal. WOW!!!!! The first time in ages I've had that much room to spare. YES!!!!! I am thrilled, over the moon.

To celebrate (ha!), I had a cookie from the luncheon we had today. I have to applaud Publix bakery: they at least put a calorie count on their packaging! A lot of places don't .... just an ingredient list and a hope that you just throw your hands up and say, "The hell with it" as you indulge. The cookie was a little higher in points than I would ever like to go for such a small snack: for the same 120 calories I could have had a buttload of grapes or an apple and a half. But you know, I haven't had a bakery cookie since my Virginia girls' weekend. So I took it and enjoyed. And it was tasty. Strangely enough, I'm not really dying for my usual 5:00-5:30 snack. Huh. Maybe that one or two extra fat grams that drove it into 3-point range might just be helping to hold hunger at bay.

That's the one area I fall short in again and again: eating enough fats. Even with the good health guideline to get in my oils, I don't always. It is brutally hard for me to give up a point just for some oil. Let's see, for one point, I can have a teaspoon of oil or a whole cup of egg drop soup. Well, DUH -- the soup! (ooh. Egg drop soup or even hot & sour sounds REALLY good right now. Nasal passages are still blocky and my throat is still scratchy....). But I do find that when I put good fats in, I don't go quite as insane with the snackie-poos or the gimmes. Gee, think there's something to this theory after all?

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